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  1. GalaxZ _Love_ Z-stars on

    U should start series of "knock knock" and "mime" like u did with smiling women.
    ( can't wait for your channel to blow up, these short stories are really something they always give me goosebumps when I first watch them ( I am not lying) )

  2. Tamijo Campbell on

    I LOVE These ones that make something common into something scary. Like just someone knocking on the door can be made to be so scary!!!!! 😀❤

  3. I've loved these "knock knock" stories ever since I saw an old black and white horror movie as a little kid. Unfortunately I don't remember the name but there were several people investigating inexplicable phenomena in an old castle and there was a scene where a very loud knocking sounded through the whole building and ended up banging on a heavy wooden door and even bending it. Incredibly scary and this knock has scared me ever since. 😆

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