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  1. I love the theory that the shark had previously killed people. The throw away line in the conversation with the mayor. 'It's happened before' in relation to boating accidents

  2. Solid video. One correction: Brody was not an Amity native. He was a New York native. In the movie, he is even heard commenting on the New England accent, to which he is not accustomed, to Ellen.

  3. RossDiamondThief on

    Steven Spielberg once said that he hated the characters in the book so much that he was actually rooting for the shark to win

  4. It's one of most quotable movies but a bit cheesy to watch now.
    "We're gonna need a bigger boat" – I use this quote a lot lol

  5. I remember getting away with taking this to a summer daycamp during pajama movie night. Considering they only allowed PG movies and this movie was rated PG on my anniversary VHS set. The camp councilors were shocked that this movie was rated pg. (It was because pg-13 didn't exist. This movie doesn't really need an R rating didn't exist at the time so it got PG instead)

  6. Honestly them singing on the boat and the scene were he talks about the singing of the U.S.S. Indianapolis are still the best scenes in this movie for me.

  7. Im glad alot of the book stuff was left out. The film version seems just about right. All the other stuff about affair and side love would just overly pad it and slow it down.

  8. Evildoughboy 777 on

    I love how it's the fact that the shark didn't work properly that helped it become a timeless masterpiece, along with stellar acting, music, and direction.

  9. Was not a summer release here in Britain it was released here on Boxing Day 1975.P.S I've always hated Hooper,s character

  10. James Morant on

    My favorite movie of all time the performances by the 3 leads amazing the music by John Williams fantastic and the fact the shark didn't work made the movie what it was Jaws will never be topped 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  11. Great comparison, love both the book and the movie. On one note, in the book, Brody also shoots Hooper when the shark surfaces with him (Hooper) and the cage. If I remember it was a missed shot, and he (Brody) had not intended to shoot Hooper! Please keep them coming.


    Sorry was kind of a disappointment. I can understand doing a comparison. But not much into the background of the film. Should have been at least a 30-35 minute episode

  13. Dennis Mason on

    Shark attacks on humans are rare. Sharks are being exterminated world wide. I'm looking at you, Mister Spielberg, the world is not your graveyard.

  14. Yautja Prime on

    Sounds like they eliminated the right things from the book to make it a positive movie going experience. I wouldn't look at the movie the same if they had used a baby dolphin or added unnecessary characters. Yes, books give you a lot more information because they are literally 60 to 100 times longer than a spoken script but that doesn't mean all that information is valid or necessary. I could go on a descriptive rant for hours about just one room in your house but it doesn't mean it's worth reading. We turn scripts into movies and not the other way around for good reason. Cinema is king 👑

  15. Yautja Prime on

    This movie is at the top of most movie buffs list for good reason. It is so well done, has an amazing cast, and will never stop holding up. Great video about such a classic

  16. Chris Buchaniec on

    Please do this kind of video for Still of the Night and French Lieutenants Woman which DEFINITELY NEEDS a look see into the making of please please please and also Postcards From The Edge….especially due to the Carrie Fisher connection….
    Solent Green and the original Rollerball definitely need videos too

  17. I read the book a few times when I was a kid, & I liked it. While the film is clearly superior, I think it gets a bit too hated, but I do understand why. The film has become so iconic & so beloved that anyone that tries reading the book after knowing the film so much is more than likely to hate it.

    Actually, this should give Stephen King some humility, as at least if people that love the Kubrick film of The Shining decide to read his hack book, they may still enjoy it. It certainly isn't as hated as the book Jaws is, despite being nothing more than a schmaltzy run of the mill cliche ghost story with a Michael Bay type ending.

    I remember some clown on IMDb years ago named Know it All Joe tried starting rumors about a remake directed by Peter Jackson & written by Damien Cain. He claimed Jack Nicholson was going to be Quint, Elijah Wood as Michael Brody, & Sharon Stone as Ellen Brody lol.

  18. Alyssa Black on

    I never knew for years that there was an actual basis for the novel and film. Course the shark in the actual events killed way more than Spielberg’s monster; same with Benchley’s book where more people tended to die

  19. Theodore Dickinson on

    Good work. I've watched dives into Jaws before, but I learned some new tid bits and your presentation was excellent.

  20. DevilDogMuNky on

    My favorite line from the book, "Daisy Walker's a lesbian! What were you two doing, knitting?!"
    Brody to Hooper.

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