1. MaxiECr1tikal SN on

    5:05 I personally think being proud of your body is healthy considering the negativity overweight of underweight people face onna daily. Being proud but still striving for physical health is where the middle falls for me.

  2. Certified Fresh on

    You’re not gonna be at your peak when you get off steroids but you can still maintain a lot of the muscle after

  3. Indigo Silhouette on

    On the subject of “taking drugs to obtain enlightenment” you don’t rely on the drugs… I’ve never seen someone with sense take psychedelics and rely on them to maintain any insight they might find. Dumb thing to say Felix, it’s always complicated

  4. Those who are in competition, and have supplement companies sponsors for example, they can't talk about steroids. They are forced to say that bcuz of protein and creatine are so big, if they mention injections, they lose sponsorship … and they earn a living from it.

  5. Commenting about the guy who said that almost people in the bodybuilding industry uses steroids! And if a natural bodybuilder went against them it’s unfair ! that’s why there is a natural body building competition against The use of drugs ! So it’s not because the industry it’s just the ego of no limit to how bigger you can get with the help of a drug ! It’s a mental illness that is not commonly talked about .

  6. I mean if someone is proud to be fat it's none of your business. You can have the opinion it's wrong but it's not your business at the end of the day. Fat is such a huge spectrum, like morbidly obese yes that's horrible but a girl with big hips and big belly is also considered fat.

  7. Just saying testosterone is linked to agressive behavior but it's also linked to being generous.
    So it's kinda true what she says it all kinda depends on your brain at the end of the day.

  8. i disagree with you last point. if a surfer said surfing was the most important thing to them i think most ppl wouldn't care and could understand. but a surfer could also lose the ability to surf. same is true for anything. if something is the most important to you, which is the question being asked.

  9. Great video! But I I think you can be proud of being fat, because there is a fine line between healthily fat and unhealthily fat. Some people have genetics that make them fatter than others, even when they have a healthy lifestyle (eat healthily, sleep well, moderate exercises weekly). But if you are obese, then of course you shouldn't be proud of yourself.

  10. My thing with bodybuilding competitions is: why do you need to compete to(or how can you) feel good about yourself when you know you and everyone else in the same competition is cheating to win?

  11. GoWon’s Mother on

    I can see where the little boys got being fat is unhealthy when everyday fat people are just as human and just as healthy

  12. As someone who’s into Bb right now, I think people fail to realize that competitive Bb is not healthy at all. I do I cause I consider it a hobby and I enjoy seeing the change. However I wholeheartedly believe that as long as someone is leading an active life and eats actually nourishing foods regularly with moderation of other foods, then they can look however they want.

  13. Sušička Na Housky on

    I don't know, imagine someone who had a disability or something which made them super thin (dangerously thin) and then imagine they were able to combat it to a state, where they are little bit overweight. I think that person should be proud, they achieved something big, something to be proud of. Just wanted to mention this, cuz it seems really important

  14. DatDudeTrent on

    “Rood rage not real” it’s totally real. I knew a guy who used some sort of steroid and test in high school. He was normally pretty laid back but when he was on the juice, blowups over the dumbest things. One of the main reasons he stopped taking it.

  15. Hayden VanDyk on

    Plateauing as a natural, made me consider doing a moderate dose of 250 mg of testosterone E a week for a cycle. Fancy horse steroids like trenbolone cause the rage.

  16. Man with Moustache on

    "You can never be too big". Say that when your heart and liver tap out before you see retirement.

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