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  1. John don’t leave at 6 AM in fnaf security breach get the true ending for that you need all 3 upgrades you already got chicas voice box you still need the eyes and claws from other animatronics you discomision then click the option stay if you do leave you will get what some people call the bad ending if you stay you will see springtrap/glitchtrap have the final boss and get the true ending

  2. did anybody else notice that the models of the human NPCs and their animations were (i think) the same as of those NPCs in the game x-17? i remember john played that game YEARS ago.. hope that someone else agrees with me

  3. The flashing lights are so annoying, but its just as bad in the first Alien movie. Glad i could just close my eyes poor john lol.

  4. Can't watch the first one. I have no problems with flashing lights for a short time period, but after 10 minutes constantly flashing lights, it's just annoying and nauseating. Don't do that, gamedevs.

  5. Always love when John, more often than not, gives solid advice to these developers, where most people's first instinct (including my own) would be to roast first. Props!

  6. LOL I love John Carpenter's tune "Unkillable" that was used in Halloween Kills. Aka. The theme from when Cameron get killed in the Myers house owned by the gay couple. Sogood

  7. The JWD Gaming on

    I don't have epilepsy but those flashing lights made me extremely uncomfortable.. how tf did those devs thought this was a good idea??

  8. Kattislaus VonRousterhause on

    1st time to comment on, “anyone’s content” & uh …
    I mean second time. Please excuse my inadequate, ( poor), grammar, etc. I speak eloquently, sadly it only causes others to presume writing,spelling &/or punctuation, (sorry) rambling. If you ever feel like correcting anything of mine. (Red ink & all). Stress relief, idk I don’t know you, ether.
    Into the void most likely. Just in case
    Give Bell extra pet pets, hug Kimmy( if she allows it). My Daughter &, I enjoy your content. Good work

  9. Personally I love hearing John’s fun facts and knowledge about the effects of the games. It honestly impresses me how much he knows.

  10. The Alien game picks up three days after one face hugger hugs one face.

    How did so many eggs get into the complex and how did everyone get hugged? Like, not one person got ate by the growing Alien from the first hug?

  11. Sweet Lovely Death on

    I used to think I loved everything Alien related… even the 3rd and 4th movie. Yeah it sucks but it's got some cool ass creatures in it. But this game proved me wrong…still enjoyed watching John talk s*it about it though!
    Thanks man!

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