1. You're not a psychopath because you don't have friends Felix, you have an above average iq. Smart people tend to have less friends, they did studies on this

  2. Go to church and play ping pong with your favourite colours such as green or blue and gold and black and red and so on

  3. I worked in a shoe store at the mall and it really helped me approach people. It made me more confident in the way I talk to people since before I was extremely shy and awkward

  4. Pewds; here to bestow my infinite knowledge, no for real..
    First Q: how do u deal with akwardness?
    Pewds: ah a specialty of mine.. um I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T KNOW.

  5. Do you ever look at somebody and think, “Wow. This person is doing what they were always meant to do. This job is perfect for them and it’s absolutely where they belong…”? That’s how I feel about you, Pewds. Thanks for achieving your life’s goal and sharing it with us.

  6. Amanda goodman on

    pewds: “a specialty of mine😌” also pewds literally 10 seconds later: “i don’t know, I DONT KNOW!!”, “—this is terrible advice😟”

  7. Light (1000 subscribers without videos challenge) on

    I'm glad this is the man that I grew up with on the internet and we've never met. It's like we're maturing together and he's teaching me things. So happy to see how far he's come, and as a viewer, so happy I am still on this journey. He just speaks his mind, and I can admire that.

  8. Lol he said the more u do it the more easier it gets… I was a cna for 2 yrs and had to talk to anyone and everyone who needed my help i still cant go up to a stranger and ask them for something even when people talk to me my brain melts and half the time idk what i even said lmao

  9. imagine going into soemone's house and there's just an entire area filled with wine it's thier winehouse they have a basement where they make the wine and in their backyard they grow the grapes and in their garge they process the grapes into wine

  10. It's ok to be awkward. I don't think you're awkward. But if people find that and are bothered by that, then they're not the right people for you.

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