1. Asthetic_Wannabe🌙🦋 on

    Would you rather and truth or dare are already movies the pic he used for would you rather is from the movie go watch it on Netflix

  2. Part of molly and daisy of the manager on

    Would You Rather?: I'm serious. I don't like creepy eye horror movies.
    Sorry!: sees that they said, "YEP, THERE WILL BE BLOOD."

  3. SparkleGirlGaming on

    Ok long comment
    Sorry: some friends end up going against each other and picking up cards that ends up forcing them to hurt their friends except they ate forced to so sorry and when they Sabotage each other they kill them
    Would you rather: 10 friends were playing a fun game of Would you rather when they got taken to this world of Would you rather with extreme questions like killing people or yourself only 1 is left behind with the trauma while the rest may rest in piece

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