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  1. No way! I always felt like you had great energy to you and popped in my head few times wondering if you pursued YouTube on your own. Happy you did so well for yourself man.👋

  2. Wait what the song one though..i never knew that it was him.The fact even some children look up to him and he's doing stuff like this.

  3. If you want to see the reply from Project Nightfall to PewDiePie's comment but don't want to scroll all the way to the bottom of replies, Here is it : "That one meeting in Brighton and a video edit on New Year’s Eve with fireworks outside my window started a whole new story for me and I will be forever grateful for it! All the best man!"

  4. Gergő Kostyák-Szövérdi on

    Btw I liked how he dissed cocomelon, because it was absolutely right, parents don't have to show their kids bullshits like that.

  5. Wahh bete Moj kardi on

    Man nighfam wants to know history of the person behind nightfall please reveal it. U reveal everyone's and maybe we may get inspired by ur story too?

  6. Angie Thompson on

    I like this video. I've never been a big follower of PewDiePie just because it's not my typical genre but I love that he stuck it out and grew from it and didn't ignore it. We all mess up as we grow. It's part of growth. He didn't run off and hide. I respect that.

  7. jyoti trivedi on

    The king of YouTube is actually T-Series, T-Series has 209M Subs but PewDiePie loves his Subs very much

  8. Jiya ᥬ👽᭄ on

    I used to kinda dislike him because I thought he's cringe but later I started liking some of his videos. Nor do I love him nor do I hate him, he's fine tho just not my genre
    I don't watch his video but whenever I do I love those!

  9. The Cocomelon was greatly deserved no one wants to hear that dumb Cocomelon theme song played and 2071 and five year old kids start dancing

  10. PewDiePie was never the same guy when youtube started demonetizing his content. His content became childish and less funny

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