1. Your biceps looks so developed now when compared to when you have shown your body for abs first time goddamn

  2. CaptainButterBriggs on

    Why dos it feel so personal to here someone breath hevy like that? hahah Like come down Felix is not an audition for hentai voice actors. But you wold get hired XD

  3. this man not screaming cus of the workout, hes screaming at the weights to scare it to become lighter

  4. He wasn't squatting, he was doing shrugs for the traps. I guess he wanted to lift even more than he could doing the normal ways for shrugging when working out the traps; so he wrapped his arms on the weights like a seatbelt to achieve that like when you cant lift a case of water bottles below your waste. Makes total sense to do it that way since you can hold more.

  5. Sounds of Life on

    For every sub we get this month $1 will be added to the giveaway bucket. At the end of the month all our subs will be entered to win it!!!!

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