1. an r8 for daily driver whats the point ?? to be flying lmao fun af thats the point what makes this even funnier is whistle diesel owns an R8 and its one of his only cars lol

  2. Bradley Harrington on

    Hey if u want a helix you can actually buy part of that one . He ground it up and is selling jars of pieces .

  3. I built a mini camper in the bed of my truck. Yes I can move the fridge and couch, no I don't want to mess up my insulated flooring for fifteen bucks.

  4. Pewds ‘I don’t get why people buy these off roaders to drive down LA’
    Pewds – also owns a Volvo XC90 r design in coastal flat Brighton

  5. See, going into this video I was thinking pewdiepie was gonna be annoyed by this but then pick up on the absolute troll that Is WhistlinDiesel. Love to see it.

  6. The thing is about the G Wagon is that it started off as a strictly off-road only sort of car but now its more or less a strictly on-road luxury car, same as pretty much every Land Rover

  7. Jonis Andrade on

    Pewdiepie has no idea what he’s talking about when he says there’s no car mod culture in Europe. It’s one of those things you won’t notice if you don’t know what to look for but I assure you people are modding their cars.

  8. Barack H. Obama on

    Whistlin diesel also got shot in the head by a ricocheted 50 bmg from 4 feet away, that may explain the stuff he does

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