1. Who is green with me please she need to get more please please I'm just put little bit of so hot sauce on it please agree with me everyone spicy hair balloon ketchup mail sausage cheeseburger fries I want more than just put it on the top of Spicer lungs and let her burn repair

  2. So you need to hire your sister and just give your mom 20K and liver with her father or just make a son with her a 40K if you want to I don't care I'm just leave her or you could just put 90k if you want to and just leave her or you could just put 40 billion oh you could just put 20K is that clear cuz we could just do that easy babe I like you aha we need to date sometimes I live in Grand Bahama where do you live girl I love you too I live in Reston you live in Western I just moved to a new house it's called Bahama Beach no I don't know what it called a child remember yeah Buddha so I just want to date you sometimes we can check without typing inside your chat sometimes I can look at you and your subscribers yes someone like my video please someone please put 40K billion lights at me I will do everyday for 41 please I will just give you a 40K billion I'm y'all just give me I will send it to your account put your number on this I will send 40K I'm a rapper y'all know me I'm I have 40 okay I'm a rapper I'm your 69 who know me the boss baby

  3. Sequincity💖 on

    No it was a good thing that you threw her food at her because you gotta defend yourself you can’t let anybody take over 😌😌😌😌😌

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