1. Yep youtubers there killing mr crabs and the octopus is a chad sacrificing his life to attack this live streamer girl and she says my face is broken
    Meanwhile me: jumping off a ladder and playing in the stairs on my school and beating up someone who is taller than me and has a more good of a grade since his mom works for the school and a dog biting me 3 times and she says her face is broken my dude you still have the same face as before

  2. I accidentally disliked your video but then instantly went back and liked it I just thought I should tell you I'm sorry and you did a great job

  3. 3:50 my god this girl is a psychopath what has that octopus done. if she had eaten it alive that is worse she overplays a tiny scratch as disfigurement , god

  4. Doreen Adrian Fernandes on

    I have no issues with mukbang as long as it is cooked seafood. But it does make me hungry coz i love seafood

  5. Nolan Grayson on

    I simply can't find what's so good in watching mukbang except it gives me a stomachache sometimes.

    People prolly just be extremely bored.

  6. I seriously don't understand why people would love Ssoyoung for her weird contents. Sorry her fans. And I hate when people are wasting food.

  7. So I have read that eating live octopus is a thing and that there are cases of choking to death because the thing refuses to go down. I don't personally see the appeal, but whatever. I had a roommate who ate his deer hearts raw every hunting season.

  8. God dammit, I saw this video because of a different one on Mukbangs. I have to be honest, I really don't like PewDiePie, so it really pisses me off when I admit that I agree with him 100% about that stupid asshole abusing those animals for views. Those creatures were promised a life before some asshole decided to pander to an audience and it makes me very angry.

    I mean, the footage of that chick with all those fucking grotesques things, I thought I was going to be sick. That fucking elephant turd sea slug or whatever it was, sweet fucking Jesus, take the wheel! Guide us back on to the road to salvation, because we have failed as a species.

    Good fucking job, you managed to gross me the fuck out, that isn't easy. Take your like, ya bastard.

  9. Samuel Fredolin on

    I tend to hate mukbang videos. It’s just pointless, not entertaining, sometimes even annoying because of the sound they make. What’s the point of looking a video of stranger eating on front of a camera??

  10. Philippe Bergeron-Vachon on

    Wow I love how felix is a businessman. He plays youtube's fine line by saying she's a bitch without saying it. Big balls to face youtube and the cancellers on that one haha

  11. Skyops Gaming123 on

    U just know how shitty this generation is when people start enjoying starring at people eating food I bet there people that wish they where that fish😂freaking weirdos

  12. Idk, hearing people say animal cruelty is kinda weird. I mean, aren't all people eat meat atleast once? Damn. How could you say that if you enjoy steak and porkchops? Im just baffled.

  13. Fun fact. Mukbang was originally fetish porn. I know someone that spends 5k on a site to watch people eat. Kinda really shocked to see it surface on youtube and other platforms

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