1. A girl and her dogs channel on

    I made something the other day and the prep time said x amount, but it didn't include the prep time of one of the ingredients. An ingredient that was almost overlooked because it wasn't even listed in the steps.

  2. A girl and her dogs channel on

    I also hate when you have to read this life story about how their grandmother from their sister twice removed would make it for some holiday or celebration…….. like just get to the fuqn instructions here. Always at the bottom of the page too, like they make you read all their shit.

  3. Cheyenne Warnock on

    Hollandaise is one of the greatest sauces ever and watching Felix butcher it infuriated me beyond belief. It's actually pretty simple to make in a different type of blender

  4. Hmmm 70s meals don’t look too far from what I ate in college bc I just wanted to get rid of groceries

  5. Steven Weber on

    Every time the screen goes gray im like dark souls death just happened and it makes me way more comfortable with dying at cooking. :,)

  6. I want it because I feel like the banana is ready to lick me πŸ‘…

    I feel like this is why happens when you put banana in the oven.

    Put banana in oven and ham come out πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

  7. I love the bit where you notice your shaker cup wasn't turned the right way so you move it to face the camera. Love you Capitalist pig <3

  8. β€œI think I should blend it more”


    This could have been foreseen, but alas, retrospection will have to do

  9. Reasons why I want it:
    1. To insure that the biohazard is disposed of safely
    2. I don’t actually, importing a biohazard through the mail is probably a bad idea

  10. i hope you make more cooking videos! its really relaxing to eat food with your cooking/food-themed videos

  11. Pewds….stop clacking ur teeth when you eat. Omg I did it so much as a kid (still do sometimes) and it drove my family nuts, I know why now :')

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