1. At 6:57 I think he wanted to say "Kawaii, sou da ne?" but he didn't hold the "I"-sound long enough so it just became "Kawaisou da no" which means; "Pathetic, isn't it?" Then again, it would also fit

  2. Me at the beginning of the video: Please don't buy Flame brand Beyblades.

    Five seconds later: Crap. He bought them. Ah well. It's out of my hands.

  3. HeroNekko The Animer on

    gotta be sad living in a place where the gov dont trust or allow its citizens to own a knife. No wonder why the black market is flourishing these days.

  4. somebody know what size hes wearing for the crewneck? really wanna buy one but on the website the sizing chart look really long for the body length .. 🙁

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