1. Baiocchi are the best Biscuit/cookie ever, damn shame you didn’t pick any up for this video.

    (I’m Italian I know what I’m talking about)😂

  2. Frances Fittipaldi on

    ha..ha…how can u not like baci? That truley shocked me, to me they are my favourite along with ferrero rocher

  3. Brendan Jacobson on

    I submitted tomato as a flavor idea on the layes website hope they make them a thing I would love to try it I guess the Italian in me was showing😂

  4. Victor Graterol Undreiner on

    THE FUCK!! SORRY PEWDS. Marzia lie to you, the Galak is not italian exclusive. and it's awesome!

  5. Dominus Icarus on

    Marzia you should make Pewdiepie eat Italian foods and rate them. Just pray that he will like them or watch your channel and the world burn by Italian mobs.

  6. Savage_Cabbage on

    Pewds: "I thought these were coka cola flavor"
    Package: Clearly states LAVAZZA in the exact center

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