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  1. The Anime Man on

    If you don't go and check out / subscribe to all the amazing people who helped make this video possible, I will cri.
    But what do YOU think is the greatest anime ever made?

  2. Gooey Subset on

    Can’t believe no one said legend of the galactic heroes (the 1988 version). Imo it’s the best anime while not my absolute favorite the themes, social commentary, characters and the juxtaposition of the two main characters taking extremely opposite approaches to reaching a similar goal makes it one of if not the best anime of all time.

  3. GalaxyxNova on

    I'm surprised only a one person said steins; gate.
    Never has there or will there be an anime with such a logical and scientifically sound view on time travel.

  4. WrathOfZapdos on

    1) Code Geass
    2) AoT
    3) FMAB
    4) One Piece
    5) Stiens Gate
    6) Eighty-Six
    7) Mushoko Tensei
    8) Fate Zero
    9) Overlord
    10) To Your Eternity

    1) FMAB
    2) AoT
    3) One Piece
    4) Steins Gate
    5) Code Geass
    6) Mushoko Tensei
    7) Eighty-Six
    8) HxH
    9) Spice and Wolf
    10) Fate Zero

  5. I'm nobody Bye on

    Just leaving a comment, proof that I was alive during Anime Man was making history in the world of anime

  6. Dashno (Randomly posting videos) on

    My personal no.1 favorite anime is Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans
    My no.1 overall favorite anime of all time is Attack on Titan. (hoping for AOT's proper good ending)

    The reason: It's all about world problem solving, realistic, just strongly love their intro/OST, cool action fights, great character development, respect the storylines and strong motivations.

    These both anime changes who am i now.

  7. ぴよぴよらんど@YouTube on


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