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  1. What rubbish! Everyone knows how to sign up for any app or page. You were suppose to tell how did you earn the so called 70000rs in four days from this app. But there is no such thing in your video that proof that this app can give you this much money. Kindly, dont lie to your subscribers just to get views and likes

  2. Muhammad Ishaq Khan on

    HELLO BRO! If you don't have enough information about any online earning like this please don't make videos on it for just view. Now a day lots of people are trying to start online earning but unfortunately they are miss guided by the people like you. Your's target is just rank your video to get bloody dollers and the people who folllow your video and start such work then they only waste their time and get nothing. So, please first of all practice itself until you get money from the source then make video on it.j

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