1. 8:09 pewdiepie: im happy I have a mix of guys and girls. me: I am a guy but apparently I look like a girl so here you have the mix lol!

  2. Pewds: "girls buy all the shit"
    Me waiting to get a rich job with one of the main objectives to buy a hella lot of pewdiepie merch: ✋😌 no problem

  3. "I didn't start the youtube channel to make a lot of money, and thats not what i'm doing now either"

    dude, just look at your description. Its full of links to stores. You're such a hypocrite, pewdiepie

  4. Cisneros Rayna on

    Anh hát bằng cả trái tim bảo sao mà cứ ngọt lịm như vậy. Bài nào cũng cảm xúc luôn

  5. yousef alsammarraie on

    made me happy when he spelled Muslim properly
    idk where ppl get a Z in muslim
    they can speak the english language perfectly but once they have to say muslim they slap a z to it

  6. His net worth is in the 100 millions biggest youtuber WAS A DISNEY CHANNEL had brands. In the hundred millions

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