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  1. As much as I say his content now sucks, I still respect him and whatever he does is up to him, good for him honestly. I'm subbed to him since he's at 47 mil. I watched his fall and rise when doing youtube

  2. Puss Grey & Puss Meng on

    RIP pewdiepie 2010-2022 😢
    i used to watch pewdiepie daily but not anymore its been 2 months i havent watch him i arleady leave the floor gang 🙁 i remember watching minecraft lwiay terraria t series war pewdiepie is my childhood

  3. Cloudy McCloud on

    Truth is, the man is set for life, never going to need to work again. He has a wife/family. He is getting older, different priorities and at the end of the day he doesn’t need YouTube anymore. Hell, most of us wouldn’t have the same motivation if we were in his position.

  4. The Joey Jason on

    It's nice playing the Pewdiepie vs Tseries game as I was Team TSeries but when Felix says that he'll retire, let him be. He had his fun on Youtube.

  5. This is when you beat a game and are finished with all of the side missions. You still play the game, but wont make progress because you already got 100 percent.

  6. I mean, he isn't obligated to be a slave to be a social media creator, anyone can retire if they make enough, he earned that privilege as an entertainer, and we as users who consume media from his evolution as a creator over the years should respect it

  7. Dr. Prime's New Experiment on

    pointing this out but I don't know why people act like Felix hasn't ever been rich and started from a rags to riches story or something dumb like that.

    Felix started out on YouTube because he was essentially being kicked out of his house (I remember reading a comment from him like Years ago on an old horror video) because he wasn't genuinely doing anything with his life that was productive. His rich ass parents (his mother owns a clothing brand and his dad is an executive at some tech company iirc?) basically told him "either go to college and do something or else we're kicking you out."

    His parents have always been SUPER fucking Rich and it's not exactly a secret, in his older videos in 2013 his house at the time is fucking gargantuan.

    I think the main reason why people have either tuned out of watching his videos or he seems disinterested is because he's just some rich guy who doesn't do anything with his life at all. He doesn't TRY and make interesting content like he used to that was funny.

    Ever since the N-word situation, it seems like he's basically just lost interest in YouTube and stopped trying.

  8. Nabila Yannis on

    All he asks in his life is to move to japan. That's basically the only thing stresses him out. The pandemic hasnt let him and marzia move there

  9. For him honestly, it just came to a point where I could watch every video he puts out just to watch him and not what the video is about. What drives his videos is his personality, he's fun and hilarious whatever he is doing. Plus he's humble and relatable. I like him a lot.

  10. The minecraft music is so nostalgic. Old school YouTube’s my childhood, countless hours on YouTube every day.

  11. Dwilly The Hillbilly on

    Does anyone actually care lmao. I always hated this man. Then when he said the N word I died laughing. Knew he was always a racist pos.

  12. The only time I hear about him is when he fucks up. The Christchurch massacre killer yelling out his name, the multiple times he said or wrote "n****r, The right wing support etc.

  13. The minecraft soundtrack completely distracted me and made me fall in to a deep state of nostalgia not listening to anything that was being said and only hearing the sweet sweet minecraft soundtrack man i miss the old minecraft days

  14. People do be talking like pewds lost his game but man, he's completed the entire game. It's just as he said. He's basically retired and just doing YT for fun.

    Now it doesn't matter if anyone over takes him or not. He's broken a lot of his milestones/goals already.

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