1. There are ppl who took art history and have the appreciation for those “scribbles” and “doodles” that are actually expressionist and post modernism. And there are ppl like felix, who want ‘pretty’ art and expect pieces from someone who’s good at drawing 💀
    Like boi you said yourself art is subjective, always has been. These movements are about the artists emotions and experiences, or how they perceive the world around them. That is still art and requires skill to create that perception.
    Jackson pollocks work in particular was all about his technique, random yet controlled lines of watered down paint that he would drip onto the canvas on the floor. He was inspired by a number of things, such as the grand canyon where his dad worked, and how the rock and cliffs would fill the space below.
    These are the kinds of paintings that you gotta just sit with and look into them deeper than face value to connect to them.

  2. I don’t do bad things so I’d be okay with police escorting me out a building or 2 somewhere beacuse I know it would be to protect me not against me

  3. *Felix draws parody of art in MS Paint

    *Sotherby's auctioneer: "The next lot is a piece called 'Parody #1' by YouTuber PewDiePie. Bidding starts at $30 million."

  4. As an art education major, I can absolutely empathize with this whole mess. Mark Rothko irritates me, not because of his paintings, but because he can sell them for so much. Same with Pollock. Like, bro, I spent 20 hours painting a cardinal and it sold for $10. Fml. 😂

  5. When you remember that all "fine" (read expensive) art is just there for money laundering purposes it all makes sense. Same with NFTs

  6. 434l434l434l434l434 on

    I bet this expensive art thing is just money londering. "How do you have so much money dude?" "Man i just sold this half billion artwork to this guy, andhe sold it to another guy, im not corrupt, its not drugs or weapons on blackmarked, nonono i just sold this artwork deargovernment pls leave me nothing to see nonono i aint paying taxes"

  7. Stewart Cabuyao on

    I think money laundering place a huge role on those art pieces. Talking about the prices alone, not the art's value itself.

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