1. Bank station is underground. That station is either golders green or East Finchley. And if you look the station name is blued over. Good film but far too many mistakes

  2. Man the feeling.. with the boys.. all together having a beer, having a laugh and one of a sudden you’ll fighting in the pub against another firm..
    This movie brings us all together!
    Hooligans from Holland to Engeland
    And from Russia to Germany.. We all have that same gladiator feeling in our blood! Defending your pride, city and fighting with your brothers side by side!

    I swear, I will watch this movie every year, till I die!

    Hooliganism will never die

  3. To someone that's never come across hooligans, I gotta say, at the start of the film I was like "what a bunch of idiots" and by the end I wanted to be one, great film

  4. Holy fucking shit lmao😂 i realize after all these years that he is also from The Lord Of The Rings

  5. Mikal LaGrone on

    As a Yank who just got really into EPL I'm desperately trying to pick a side to throw my maniacal support to. Chelsea has Pulisic so that's attractive, but seems too easy to take them. Idk, I gotta pick someone.

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