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  1. Koreans certainly produce some of the most interesting movies. The cinematography is usually surprisingly good quality, the plots are original, the dialogue is great, whether comedy, drama, horror, or combination. They are certainly winning over this viewer with their movies. Good choice.

  2. this agency is like some of ours when they don't want to answer questions, they bring up this BS. "it's classified or national security." well we common folk should just say our answers are "classified." tit for tat ya know. why should we answer their questions when they wont answer ours. we're not children anymore, we can handle it.

  3. Love your recaps man, we appreciate the effort.. keep it up and more of this please 😌😍🇵🇭🇰🇷
    And Im not a bot 😂🤣

  4. The man in the thumbnail with kinda gutter green t shirt isnt that the same guy who was the science teacher in all of us are dead? He is right?

  5. Parham Abbasi on

    sometimes humanity and sympathy can be disregarded in politics
    ah ah ah let me correct that its always my brother

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