1. Gearheadz Only on

    I’m not a GaryVee fanboy but…. Kinda hard to take the criticism of this guy from two YouTube clowns. Get up and go lift a dumbbell or something 🤡

  2. Because PewDiePie promotes laziness and wants his viewers to just sit around all day doing nothing but get fat.

  3. Yes cause he had to work hard to build businesses and not play video games to find success. PewDiePie is quite cringey sometimes.

  4. "Stuck in the stomach for Seven years"
    Urban myth, 2 weeks at the most. Pretty much stopped watching at that point.

  5. It's Jason Bro on

    But he's for real tho. My life changed because of him. Some of his advices may be unorthodox but my business is a success because of the motivation he gives through his videos.

  6. Pourya Kordi on

    It was funny😄😁 but honestly it wasn't faire to garry vee he has one of those alarming personalities but if you actually follow his work he has a lot of legit business advice.
    And all the videos were his worst ones😄


    "Passive Income doesn't exist"
    Damn good to know that Jeff Bezos makes money as he sleeps not because of passive income but because he is on that sleep grind ™

  8. B***** beats brains. When this guy first came on my radar I was intrigued but all kinds of red flags went up. Thank you so much for confirming I'm not nuts.

  9. Andy Peralta Perez on

    Did you do you research about gary vee before making a 17 minute long video talking about him???

    Do you know what he has done?

    And why in the world he consult billionaires and the biggest celebrities in the industry?

    I hope so.

  10. Andy Peralta Perez on

    He makes some money… Some how😆😆, this is when I knew he didn't know what he was talking about.

  11. I like how Pewds acknowledges that starting out on YouTube now is WAY different than when he started. I just generally like how he doesn't pretend that his success is from anything special he did. (He's basically saying, "It's harder now because there's so much content and competition," without really saying that)

  12. although i do think that what he meant about the whole passive income thing, is that we have to be prepared for sh!t to hit the fan at any moment. When he talked about investments, he said to put in money that you're prepared for it to "go to zero". They guy who asked the question's intent for passive income is for him to be able to relax and not do any work. i think what gary meant is that that shouldnt be the point of passive income, coz the market can crash, and property may get wrecked anytime. the point instead, is to generate wealth and find new ways to generate wealth coz the world is always changing. passive income can just help cushion/fund your business ventures, it shouldn't be a retirement plan.

  13. Shahmir Khan on

    ….I actually agreed with everything Gary said 🙁 why is everyone so mean to him. Fake gurus sell a lie that you'll get rich by investing with them. Gary just seems to be selling life advice through seminars and live shows and most of his advice would probably help your average person improve their life significantly. People should watch Spencer Cornelia's channel if you want to see actual fake gurus and toxic advice being showcased. Gary seems like a nice guy compared to the fake gurus that Spencer reacts to.

  14. sergio gonzalez on

    Dam the other guy is such a suck up I feel like he has an opinion but just agrees with pewdiepie

  15. Didn't Gary Vee have it all put on a plate for him? Like ,his Dad was wealthy already.
    I find him cringe aswell especially now I know he's not really self made.

  16. I'm very sad about the fact that so many things were taken out of context and missed background information in this video… If you do videos like this, I feel like you should actually spend some time researching the persons background, and what they're doing. Gary is a great guy and you'll realize that, if you actually spend some time with his content. He's in fact NOT trying to sell anything or teaching people how to become rich, like a ton of fake coaches and gurus out there.

  17. Practically a scientist on

    If it weren’t for guys like gary vee who take risks and create value you wouldn’t have had a platform to become who you are today.

  18. Jakub Pouchly on

    These types can like give you that first motivation to do something etc. But dont take them too seriously

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