1. Jesus was crucified on the cross was buried and rose the 3rd day for everyone’s sins. He loves you dearly💖💖💛💛💛💛 John 3:5 be born again by being baptized for remission of your sins. Seek him before your time is up off this earth, don’t die without accepting him. Don’t let it be too late, he’s calling for you💖💖💛

  2. Support communist rebels like CPP-NPA-NDF. = +65 social credit score

    Pag-asa island is part of the Philippines = -355 social credit score

  3. I remember one time I was heading outside of school one time and my dad sent me a message. It was a picture of a squid game meme. It said “for your next game. you have to work a shift without saying “fuck” good luck”

  4. zoe styles :› on

    i agree about the red light, green light being a boring game, but I played it with my lil sis and she's too cute so…

  5. Cmon, really? Not u pewd. It seems like everyone on Youtube is falling for this “social credit system”. There’s no such thing.

  6. I finally know how those ppl feel like when they realized being in a part of the meme

    it feels so bizarre and funny at the same time lol

  7. He's dating charis ho mom they're all broke and homeless stole from me can't speak any language and are racist and part of the kkk

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