1. Thank you for playing! Im sorry you got the buggy version. That's really unfortunate 😕 I wish I knew what you were running so I could try and address the problem I haven't seen many run into this level of issue.

  2. It could be funny if you think of it as someone just trying to finish their shift at the mortuary, but the ghosts keep messing up their work

  3. AnGryPicKle187 on

    Ugh this is unwatchable. So many YouTubers that literally play games for a living struggle to follow directions that are laid out in front of you. They literally told you what to do, wrote you a note, and you character said what she needed and yet you still run around like a chicken with its head cut off

  4. as expected, felix will lose against his horror-addict wife lmao

    ngl marzia's so cool and cute at the same time i adore her a lot

  5. Wait what the frick when did this video wss uploaded i swear i watches his video everyday but somehow i missed this video?

  6. you know what i'm so happy for marzipewds crumbs I liked this video before even watching it. Anyway, even after watching, I liked it. Actual serotonin boost

  7. Georgie Porgie on

    The nostalgia I got from this omg the first video of yours I ever saw was you playing Amnesia with Marzia😭🙌

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