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  1. It must be interesting to be in the band because dave grohl really dominates the conversation. I love Dave but he should let others talk a little bit because they are all very talented and it seems a little self centered

  2. la franz la franz wee wee on

    Lionel Ritchie should have taken an ax to Dave Grohl's colon for that Hello song rip off !!!!!!!!!! Then again, I am on my period. So, please take my typing with a grain of salt.

  3. James Anderson on

    Taylor always seems to have this half pissed off vibe whenever he goes on chat shows that he’s in the wings and not centre stage.

  4. Chris looks like he could care less being there. Then when they asked him since he died first if he cared. "When Pat pointed it meant I had to work less I was ok… I was there in spirit."

  5. I love the Foo, I LOVE Dave; but sometimes is a bit cringy that you can feel the other band members don’t want to be there… like Chris was happy to be the first one death to not be in the filming. In the interview, the other guys barely said a word. My two cents.

  6. This movie will go down in history as a classic example how a rock band jumps the shark…. and totally misses the landing. They should call it "FF RIP" instead.

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