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  1. Robert Vaughan on

    I love this era of denzel,this film along with he got game,the hurricane and John q are classics,virtuosity is another underrated one

  2. I vividly remember watching Fallen on TBS as a teenager and it’s the first time that a movie ending really left me shook.

  3. Kevin Sommerville on

    I really enjoyed this film when I first saw it on home video. Now many years later, the mythology of the story fascinates me.

  4. Nice review, I’ve always loved this movie and after seeing it in the theater I couldn’t help but look at everyone side eyed for a few days! Lol!

  5. Both "Fallen" and "The Hidden" are underappreciated. They'd make a great "lost movies" double-header for a Friday night. Or any night.

  6. I saw this in the theater back in the day. Its absolutely unforgettable. Now, The Bone Collector was pretty forgettable, even with Denzel

  7. Films comics explained did a video on this not too long ago this is not a well-known movie I guess you must’ve saw his video too

  8. Such a great movie. Very rewatchable. The direction is so good, particularly the consistency of the acting by people possessed by Azazel. And visually great too.

    It's kind of similar to The First Power with Lou Diamond Philips, which I'd love this channel to do a video on.

  9. Ive gotten to the point where I just ignore the critics! Ive missed too many great movies back when I used to not see a movie because the critics panned it

  10. That is a great movie!!! Awesome cast and super creepy plot. Another top shelf film with Denzel is 'Out of time'. and the one with the Train and Steve Trevor/Captain Kirk is fantastic as well

  11. Sure, I can understand the arguments that this movie rips off 'The Hidden', (but hey, what a movie to rip off, right?) but I think it definitely deserves a place alongside 'Angel Heart' as one of the best examples of "Horror-Noir" in modern cinema. =)

  12. I watched this at the theater when it came out. I enjoyed it though part of me wasn’t surprised that it didn’t become a hit at the time.

    It’s competition notwithstanding, it didn’t have that the hero wins ending that American audiences seem to crave. In hindsight I also wonder if he had a team and developed a little more of worldbuilding regarding the mythos it would have at least been a big seller in ancillary market, which was huge at the time what with DVDs being a new technology and helping many films less worthy make money.

  13. I got this on DVD,for only $2. Movie gets better with repeat viewings, especially the end. Dark,scary, disturbing,and excellently acted.

  14. Tony is Golden on

    I saw fallen and I really liked it. I never heard of it when I watched it but it was a very entertaining movie. I watched it about 5 6 years ago once or twice. I really like john goodman in this movie especially toward's the end. It's definitely underrated and deserved more at the time of it's release.

  15. Fallen is a pretty good movie. And Denzel is awesome as always. But I urge you to look up the movie the First Power. It came out in the 80s and stars Lou Diamond Phillips who plays a cop waiting for a serial killer whose into demonology to be executed. Before his execution he gets a Anonymous phone call from a woman warning them not to execute him. And of course as soon as he's executed his demonic Spirit has the ability to possess people and use them as killers in order to obtain the first Power by Satan. Lou Diamond Phillips along with the psychic woman have to battle a spirit that can jump in and out of bodies. Sound familiar??

  16. I was on a binge of the Denzel movies I hadn’t seen.

    This was awesome! Thought Denzel vs a demon would be silly but I underestimated him. And his relationship with John goodMan was excellent, the lasagna scene was hilarious.

  17. Don't you dare give Disney any credit. Unless it's for destroying their own legacy with cheap Live-Action remakes and/or their molestation of Star Wars.

  18. Autisticus Spasticus on

    My only criticism would be that the antagonism of Sutherland's character towards Hobbes in the second half of the movie seems spontaneous and bizarre. You get the impression that there's some kind of history between them, but no exposition is given about it. Another thing I never quite understood is why only one body, that of Milano, was discovered in the cabin in 1965. Shouldn't there have been another body, that of whomever Azazel had possessed during the showdown? Milano had lured Azazel out there, trying to get him stranded in the wilderness without a host. In what guise was Azazel present back then? Whoever it was, they would have had to die too, presumably by Milano's hand.

    I consider this a better film than Se7en though, which I found pretentious and poorly acted in parts, especially by Brad Pitt.

  19. Chenoa Deramus on

    I absolutely love this movie!! Watching it, I was on the edge of my seat and this and Primal Fear are my favorite thrillers from that time!!

  20. This is one of my favorite Denzel movies. It's so good. And that song is just an earworm.
    John Goodman is good in everything he does.

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