1. SpaceMonkeyBoi on

    The car accident one was actually BOTH people's fault. Lamborghini guy tried to speed out the driveway, but almost hit a cyclist, to avoid them, he ended up hitting the woman's car. She got mad, and rear ended him. The dude pulled a duche move and made her look like she was just a crazy Karen. She's now suing him for defamation I think.

  2. Naaa there's a problem w the ads on the water even of it doesn't make noise it's obscuring a potentially beautiful sunset picture lmfao, or just a scenery pic on general

  3. ZeusPH Lohengrin on

    What do you do when your kids get TikTok and they started doing this Ken?

    **them both talking about 'wrench' a few seconds ago


  4. PewDiePie Brofist on

    My high school was literally next to the county prison… we could see it through the woods

    Unrelated, I post the brofist Pewds occasionally does at the end of his videos

  5. our country payed for lunch fro 1st to 9th grade high school was our own problem but tham that sounds stupid. I i completed highschool in 2012 so maybe my experience is irrelevent

  6. You can buy cheap "knock-off" ink and use it in Canon printers now. Canon has stopped implementing DRM on their toner bc of semiconductor shortage, and they even give you a comprehensive guide on how to bypass it on your Canon printer if some sort of message does pop up

  7. Why did they charge for texts? Why do they charge for data? It's not companies being greedy and charging because they can, Ken. Prices are used for rationing. Back in the day, the infrastructure was not good enough for everyone to send as many texts as they wanted. They had to have some way to limit each person's usage so that everyone would be able to use it. Of course they want to make money too, so they are able to expand that infrastructure, which eventually solves the problem.

  8. America went to the the moon so long ago, it's gonna be cringe when the next country celebrates making it there.

  9. Thw american education system is so far back from other education systems, like dispite it being proven over and over that you actually need more sleep as you age elementary schools start at like 8:30 am while junior high is like 7 am ans high school starts at 6:30 am.. as a poor kid with siblings in both elementary and middle school before i graduated highschool it was definitely rough.

  10. Wilhelm von Knorring on

    I think pewds shuld rap mockingbird by eminem but instead of dr dre it’s ken and instead of Haily its maja and instead of Hailies mom its Marzia

  11. The way they talk about school lunches… UGH. I remember in high school, I had to sneak off campus to get lunch for me and my friends (the school was downtown, so there were fast food joints literally three blocks away), then I found out that, just before quarantine, they started letting kids go out to eat lunch and I LOST IT. I have never been more annoyed in my life 🙃

  12. That one lady yelling about white people…when she herself if white! She must’ve found out she’s .0000001% black 😂

  13. My friends got a brand new house built and they make so many houses that the workers do a shitty ass job. They found random holes in the walls and one of the basement rooms flooded because they messed up on one of the window-well windows.

  14. 24:24
    Are we just going to ignore the white girl yelling, "That why all you white people have…", WHILE the dudes black friend is trying to deescalate the situation. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    I HATE when white people do this shit. What the fuck is wrong with you??? You're white too, and there is nothing wrong with that. Why can't people just be okay with who and what they are???

  15. People are acting like TikTok is making kids act out. A well behaved, well raised child isn't smashing shit with a hammer just because the clock app told him to. It's easier to scapegoat social media than to actually raise your kids well.

  16. Andrew J. Santucci on

    I work in construction in america and i PROMISE you. Working with volumes and areas and getting to cubic yards by dividing by 27 or using 11/16 of an inch as a legit measurement. It all makes me sick. THIS IS FAKE NEWS

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