1. i wouldnt want to look like that its too bulky i just want to be lean i dont understand why people want to look so big

  2. I just want a celebrity who'll promote what kind of steroids you should use if you don't wanna get your liver kicked

  3. As someone who hits the gym 4 days a week while working 2 jobs and who eats a lot of dairy products etc. I can say it is hard work. As for these actors giving out their meal plans and gym plans to people, I wouldn't recommend buying their app or doing a subscription. Just hit the gym 3 – 4 days a week, eat a lot of protein, get a PT, take it slow when you first start off, because as time goes on it will become harder and harder then easier and easier.

    Also, don't do steriods, it ruins your body and its basically making your time going to the gym less worthwhile.

    Thanks Pewds

  4. Ngl this video kinda demotivated me, like damn. Like I appreciate the honesty but for some reason it also makes it seem like its impossible to reach peak without drugging myself.

  5. I've never seen or met anyone denying mcu actors doing steroids. you are overthinking it mate. and you've got centrfit all wrong

  6. Been watching Felix since amnesia days and it’s so cool to see someone grow over the years, and I dunno I feel like a proud mom seeing the person he is today 😭 love you Felix ❤️

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  8. Brendon Nielsen on

    Hey that Centr app is no joke though. Not trying to advocate for Chris not being transparent about steroid use, but I’ve personally found results I’ve never seen before by doing the work outs and programs in the app. Never been in better shape in my life. Anyways, rant over

  9. Karn Liberated on

    Steroids no joke. I used to go to school with guys who got steroids from like Russia or something. Dudes in HS looking like grown men and a couple went thru rage like crazy, I swear one dude was a psychopath but then I found out he was roid raging constantly. Definitely not normal looking for 16-17 yr old.

  10. Found this video by chance. I'm like "why do I know that name?" Figured it out… a gamer, my son mentioned the name PewDiePie. Like seeing this positive message by an 111m influencer. Thank you.

  11. The natural way is definitely the longer lasting way. Eventually the roids will lead to underlying issues. Not right away.. but it's like eating junk food everyday.. eventually your body rejects it

  12. It's hard to say. There are a lot more substances than just steroids. I would worry about the cancers than the transparency.

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