1. Love your editing so much man, thanks for bringing the streams to the people who aren't able to watch the streams <3

  2. you heal when you backstab enemies indeed, but the way it works is not clearly shown in the game, details in videogames are limited by graphic processing capabilities of the hardware, if those were infinite you would see how your character approaches the enemy from behind and gives him a good stab causing him to get really wet fallowed by your character slurping some life essence to recover some of the energy lost during the hard battle

  3. Editing on this one is like any other reaction video but it needs to be for a playthrough like old pewd playthroughs had smaller webcam, less editing and told the story of the game with pewds reactions.

  4. Strider-Ragnarok on

    Pewdiepie: "It feels like I'm doing everything Istvan."
    Istvan: … lets play some dubstep.
    Pewdiepie: "Nice, Istvan!"

  5. Congratulations on the amazing edit! I tried, it's not easy, it requires lots of creativity and content in your mind (memes and stuff) so you can put them all together at the right opportune moments… And that's only what I think. So congrats, it's really funny this one

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