1. A:O:A I am looking a Virtual Assistant who has finished VA Course and interested in Wholesale . Investment 50/50. Thanks.

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    Specially for Sir Saqib azhar
    I would like to say that people who take access for free EVS and after that mentorship is required because neither they pay online nor they have any training center like Worc or Enablers.All Young peoples who complete the training from free EVS and those who are completing their training while sitting in the Worc or from Enablers should at least guide those who are free EVS students. if even one person who is sitting in the WORC or Enablers students trained the one EVS students so it will be great for us and it will be a great opportunity for people like us who do not have institutions like Enablers or Worc. We are sitting in a small village and we cannot pay online
    Plz do something

  3. Ali hassan Saith on

    Amazon ki kisi Bhi course KY liyay English must ha
    Agr aik person ku Thori English aiti hu Tu Wu yay course kr Skta ha es course KY liyay English must ha

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    السلام وعلیکم بھائیوں بہنوں روزانہ ایک پاؤ قرآن پاک ترتیب کیساتھ سنیے اور انشاءاللہ 4 ماہ میں مکمل کیجیے

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