1. עדי פילון on

    Drake is the type of guy to point a gun at a gta civilian and then put the controller down and say I can’t do it

  2. it’s been years since i’ve watched your content. you got me through a lot of really dark times in my life and it’s a privilege to still be able to come back to your videos when i need a little pick me up. you shaped the better half of my childhood felix.

  3. Drake the type of guy to say "If i were you i wouldn't wanna do that" to the dude who is threatening his friend with a gun

  4. the mighty bismarck on

    i dont eat the crust of pizza but i would never go down to the level of eating it with a knife and fork

  5. You know what, you don't get to choose what meme is funny or not funny to the world! I can rickroll someone if I want! I can dab or do any meme that is dead if I want

  6. Butters is a girl pretending to be a boy a fakeboy suspected schizophrenia with antisocial personality disorder. Jon hamm used to work at a homeless shelter while he looked for acting gigs.

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