1. Haya Alkaabi on

    Excuse me how much is the biggest YouTuber and I did for you and all of my friends did for you and like because you’re treating other is not nice that’s called bullying you want to be bullied it’s okay you know what I will call YouTube and I loved him because he’s the nicest man looks like you and your friend

  2. bugboo.🐾🐞 on

    Dude, Dhar Mann teaches you more: the video teaches you what you're doing, hitting the person while you're talking dirty, or whatever, he's helping people in this pandemic and, as he himself said, we can't please everyone, because there's always going to be a piece of crap that doesn't bother coming.

  3. Well, Felix you survived all the shitty things you did over the years. The difference is you've grown since then, but people like Jake and Logan obviously haven't! Proud of how far you've come, dude!!

  4. Didn't Jacksepticeye already make this "Focus on the love not the hate" advice video like 7 years ago, In one of the reading your comments videos?

  5. ꧁༒☬𝓐𝔂𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓪☬༒꧂ on

    wae? whats wrng with dhar mann??
    like his yt videos are much better than others
    I LOVE DHAR MANN though

  6. Bolivar Macedo on

    Dhar Mann is now following Thomas Astruc's footsteps

    They both don't take criticism seriously 🤦‍♀️

    And they know it!

  7. Samrawit Girma on

    13:15 u like him because he is like u
    He Likes to bully people too
    13:50 ur calling ur self b***h. We know we have heard and see enough.
    Don't try to attract people by Insulting or bullying someone ok.

  8. Luiz F Xavier on

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