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  1. I haven’t seen Carnosaur since it was released. I do watch RLM’s Best of the Worst episode featuring Carnosaur whenever I want to see the feeling of people enjoying watching the type of movie that Carnosaur was: a production that clearly enjoyed putting on a gun show to the best of their budget. Corman is a gem.

  2. The violence in Carnosaur 1 and 2 is pretty vicious – the blood has a very "real" color to it. The scene in the 2nd one where the lady gets her arm taken off (towards the conclusion of the film) still bothers the shit out of me.

  3. SparkyMarkyMark 23 on

    @ 1ST I didn't like it. But gave it a chance & since then I have dvd. Also pray🙏🏻for BluRay release.

  4. Lance Uppercut on

    Damn, I didn't think a review for friggin "Carnosaur" would get me all emotional, but here we are.

  5. Wait you went to Glenwood Theater too!?!?!? That was my theater too! Hell I work down the street from where it was now.


    All i saw was a dinosaur on the cover so i begged my mom to rent this movie for me when i was 6 years old…needless to say it fucked me up real good haha.

  7. Self Indulgent Gamer on

    Yet you still have studios like Aardman animation, that still use plasticine and it still looks incredible 😁

  8. Stuart Bagley on

    I remember being surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. It was a Blockbuster night with few releases I hadn’t seen, so this was picked out of desperation. It was a good time.

  9. gdbyekitty89 on

    Wow. Blast from the past. I remember renting when I was 7 or 8 when I saw the cover and being like cool!! killer dinosaur. I'm so glad you did this one. Please do the sequels.

  10. I was a little kid who loved Jurassic park. Dang I knew this movie sucked when I watched the first and second carnisaur. Wow what a POS

  11. Robbie Hamilton on

    Lol why does it say “Prehysteria” at 0:44 over the Jurassic Park clip? That’s a Charles Band Jurassic Park cash-in.

  12. velociraptor4you on

    Despite it's over-the-top & gory shlocky-ness, I personally can't really hate this flick. It's a midnight B-movie with dinosaurs; what more could you ask for?

  13. aaron dohrer on

    Carnisouar is kinda a death of an era brought on by Jurrasic Park and others. Fyi Jurrasic Park is my orignal favorite film since I saw it in a drive in when I was 3 years old

  14. Tales From The Hood TV on

    I remember renting this as a kid on video tape, and one of the trailers for this movie was Roger cormans Fantastic four that never was released,i remember telling all my friends so this tape was legendary

  15. Jason Gallagher on

    Yeahhhhhh baby. My dad and I rented this from Blockbuster in Totowa, NJ back in the day. Always had good times with movies like Carnosaur👍

  16. Jason Gallagher on

    It’s crazy you opened with Jurassic Park and Last Action Hero. Both came out at around the same time. I walked the train tracks from my dad’s house in Little Falls to Willowbrook Mall alone when I was like 11 to see both. So good.

  17. Donnie Kirchner on

    Okay, vegan jokes are just sad low hanging fruit at this point, told typically by dudes whose fruit doesn’t hang too low. And Pepsi blows. There, a classy, tasteful response

  18. tylor calvin on

    i always love the carnosaur movies since childhood. i watch those movies on dvd every year on halloween

  19. Trevor Billings on

    Our Mom and Pop video store in the 90s had this movie and I saw the movie cover to it hundreds of times on the shelf and always thought, "Hmm, must be like Jurassic Park." Wish I had rented it!

  20. The small Dino is one of the best actors in a B-movie EVER! I love the winning smile he gives the girl as he's eating her leg.

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