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  1. A lot of you have mentioned that “A Bittersweet Life” should’ve been included in the list, and you’re right.. I can’t believe that movie slipped my mind when making the vid 😭😭 will have to have an updated vid or possibly a content on older films soon, and include it there! Nonetheless, thanks to everyone that watched and pointed that out, as well as to everyone that commented on their opinions! 🙂

  2. i could definitely put The Man from nowhere in my top 5 got action with story to follow up in perfect way. Definitely recommend

  3. Giorgi Maisuradze on

    You forgot bests , Confidential Assignment and Fabricated city
    Ji Chang Wook and Hyun Bin are best action marshal art artists 💪🏼

  4. Claudio Segovia on

    The movies Train to Busan, Oldboy, Parasite, The Host, Ashfall and The Gangster, the Cop and the Devil, made me fall in love with Korean cinema. I love the lists of movies that you show, and I inform you that in Argentina (and in general, in Latin America) there are more and more fans of South Korean cinema. I ask you, if possible, to add Spanish to the list of available subtitles for your videos, so that more people understand them (and surely add more fans to Korean cinema). Greetings from Argentine Patagonia.

    Las películas Train to Busan, Oldboy, Parasite, The Host, Ashfall y El Mafioso, el Policía y el Demonio, me terminaron de enamorar del cine coreano. Me encantan las listas de películas que usted muestra, y le informo que en Argentina (y en general, en América Latina) hay cada vez más fanáticos del cine de Corea del Sur. Le pido, si es posible, que agregue el español a la lista de subtítulos disponibles para sus videos, así los entiende más gente (y seguramente sumará más fanáticos al cine coreano). Saludos desde la Patagonia argentina.

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