1. I can respect that guy going on about Starbucks, don't tell me you've never been 3 hours away from home, and all you want to do is just spend a good half hour eating some cake and drinking a nice warm coffee on a cold winters day.

  2. Interesting (not) fact: there's good evidence that cardboard packaging is worse for the environment than plastic on average.

  3. How would I react to a title saying "Life found on earth"?
    With disinterest because I have become numb to your idiotic headlines "news" website.

  4. Leonardo Lodagin on

    Plot twist: Ravioli is already plural. Raviolo is singular. And that goes for every word you take from italian, if it ends with an I there is a 90% chance it is already plural.

  5. Alexander Chippel on

    I'm not worried about the "you need to watch an ad to get toilet paper" for two reasons:

    1. I always carry a roll in my utility belt.
    2. There's no way in hell those things aren't going to get totally destroyed within the first day of them being installed.

  6. By the way for anybody that wants it you can get a chrome extension that brings back the dislikes
    Just search YouTube on chrome web store and you should find it

  7. 3:18 Truly genius marketing. When you finally open it you see how useful of a tool it is, and you might recommend it to other people!
    Well played, marketing people. Well played

  8. bliglysmoglyboopssaz on

    Catch 22 is if they take all the air out of the chip bags, then all your chips will be crumbled in shipping, and then people will be mad.

  9. I found out the reason chip bags are more air than chip is they put a special gas that keeps the chips from going stake before being opened.

  10. ofcourse the paper bottle has a thin layer of plastic just how a can of for example coke has a small layer of plastic otherwise the paper would just fall apart just like the metal would rust into the coke. its way less plastic then a fullon plastic bottle

  11. LMAO Im a designer too. I HATE how some designers design 4 sure!! Sometimes you must work with them 🤣🤮 Im a gamer too so I can play the hate away with humoristic gamestreams 😄👍

  12. 7:40, pewdiepie trying to pronounce GmbH, not noticing the address "Deelbögenkamp", literally translates from swedish to "part homosexual camp"

  13. One bag of Doritos is quite a bit of calories, and they don’t have any proteins or anything helpful for your body, so they are ‘blank calories’. More chips in the bag is just going to make you fat.

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