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  1. Hi dude am new on your channel actually I most like (mobie tv) channel he is very good Explainer with his voice but today I watched your channel story so I liked your video because u used some english word in your story so that's why I subscribed channel I hope now u will more use of vocab in your story or story ke sath vocabulary esliye mind me set ho jati h baki God bless you and have a good day

  2. Kya yr…tum esi faltu movie ko explain krte ho…ye or the reaping movie mai kaha jyada farak hai…kuch dhang ki movies ka explain kro…

  3. rahul choudhury on

    दुनिया में कुछ भी unnatural हो उसका कनेक्शन नाज़ी लोगों के एक्सपेरिमेंट से मिला देते हैं यह हॉलीवुड वाले, चाहे वोह dybbuk हो या कप्तान अमेरिका या फिर x men का magneto. हिटलर बोल रहा होगा साला मरने के बाद भी चैन नहीं हैं.

  4. YouTube suggest me by saying "story explain viewers also watch the channel" 😂😂 after that I came here to saw… And m glad… Cz u always have a nice voice nd u explain soo nicely ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  5. Hi, Love from Canada! Just a small request, could you please do a review of Ghost House directed by Rich Rigsdale. I just saw this on prime and found the trailer interesting. Thanks in advance and always love your videos!!

  6. GauJo.Creeptonic on

    Nicely Explained Love 💟

    Guys anyone know, I seen but can't remember the movie name.

    Basement me ek old nun hoti hai uske pure body pe kide pade huye reh te hai, so they were looking for other body ….that movie is as same as Superia & Vironica…vaisa hai

    Can you tell me if anyone know which is that movie??

    By the way I got that name
    That movie is Little Navro Red.
    Ugly Grandmother under the Tunnel.


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