1. prasansha sunar on

    It's my first time watching this kind of movies all I love to watch is zombies so….I end up here after watching train to busan….it have been so long watching train to busan but it is still my fav movie……if u want to watch movies with zombies ask me…

  2. Mondo Martinez on

    Interesting love story, that girl spy try to be tough but at the end she having feelings for him.All he wanted her was to put the lipstick and kiss him, and she did at his military base that when he realized thats her Angel .😇 She was in Love❤ with that Goofy Man.😃❤👍👍

  3. This is a happy 😊 Movie 🎥 and the Lead Actress reminds me of Minzy of 2ne1. She’s very pretty and portrays a great heroine. Thanks for posting this and sharing. 🙇🏻‍♀️🔍😉👍🏽

  4. Rebekah Le'Sure on

    $2.54 ????? He will wish that he had of paid her more once she quit and all her clientele who came just to see her leaves. 😂

  5. Rebekah Le'Sure on

    😡 Their daughter deserved what she got and should have gotten more. They are so ungrateful. The girl helped to captured that guy they were after and that's how they repay her. She should had let the guy free again… so they would have to re-captured him.

  6. Rebekah Le'Sure on

    Noooooo[o way…. they could have ended it better. Part 2 is needed. Well, guess we know how their life of romance will play out. Every night he will wake up with a kiss mark after she knocks him out. 😂

  7. Nice movie. I'm hooked on Korean movies and drama. Their stories are entertaining and funny and interesting and original.

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