1. ThatStrangeBugGirl on

    Tucker and dale vs evil has been one of my favorite movies for so many years now, it’s hilarious and any time I start hanging out with someone new I ask if they’ve seen it and if they haven’t I always show it to them lol

  2. Shannon Perkins on

    So did the twilight zone jessbell episode come first ,then cat people,? Just wondering because it's just about the same concept

  3. Shannon Perkins on

    I first watched tusk pretty early one morning when I couldn't get back to sleep so when my husband woke up and looked at what I was watching he was like what are you watching and I said you know I'm not sure lol weird movie that's for sure lol

  4. Im so glad yo switched it up, and put new and different films in here, rather than the same ones over and over for each count.

  5. Unclesquirrelstache on

    Beatress in American Mary is the scariest part of the movie for me. It’s the voice, mannerisms, etc. played to eerie perfection by Tristan Risk.

  6. Another Ash Millman re-upload because WhatCulture is desperate to keep someone who left this toxic fuck of a company 17 months ago as the face of this channel.

  7. Thumbs up for this good selection! A Christmas Horror Story needs to be talked about more! And thumbs up for Tucker & Dale! 😀

  8. Tusk is utter perfection! The sequel – Yoga Hosers – is….not. Also, Warm Bodies is easily one of the best Romeo & Juliet adaptations I've seen in a while

  9. Ok WhatCluture. How did this get past you guys? When talking about American Mary there’s a brief clip where she’s looking at a computer screen with several pictures on it and one of which is a pierced male member. How did you guys let that slip in?

  10. Warm Bodies is basically Romeo and Juliet with a zombie setting. Two warring factions the girl named Julia and the zombie R I mean come on

  11. I really liked the Irish movie called 'The Cured.' A zombie movie where all the zombies have been cured and try to adjust to normal life. 🧟‍♀️

  12. I was surprised that you DIDN’T include THIRST, CABIN IN THE WOODS, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE HOST. But it’s still a good list. But making the list a nice round 13 instead of 9 would have been nice. Honorable mention to THE OTHERS.

  13. Kristos Negrón on

    Sort of surprised Tales from the Hood wasn't here, then again I might have not understood what the list was for.

  14. JeezyCreezy42 on

    Saw Warm Bodies in theaters with my girlfriend at the time. Halfway through we noticed everyone else had walked out. We considered it ourselves, but instead we decided to take advantage of being alone.

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