1. morteamoureuse on

    I'm super excited about Nope, not only will it be a great birthday present but it's cool not knowing too much about it. Trailers have been revealing too much for ages.

  2. Jennifer Rabbitgrove on

    You referenced the wrong episode of The Simpsons. The one you’re talking about (that’s good, that’s bad) is the one where Homer goes to the weird Gremlins-esque gift shop to buy the evil Krusty doll (and some free froghurt) – not the one with the Monkey Paw.

  3. I'm most excited for The Black Phone. I love a lot of Ethan Hawke's movies from White Fang & Dead Poet's Society to Sinister. I really can't wait to see him as an antagonist/villian in this movie. I was curious about it when it was first mentioned last year but then the trailer got me hooked seeing the ghosts of the previous victims helping out the new kid to survive. I had found the short story online and read it last night. And from what the trailers have shown. I was able to visualize everything as I was reading the story.

  4. I can’t wait for the “Black Phone” movie!! I think it’s gonna be soooooo good! Okay, enjoyed the video Josh!

  5. Margo Goldfinch on

    New Brandon Cronenberg movie – can't wait!!! Loved Antiviral and Possessor – he's movies are unique in every meaning of the word.

  6. Chris Buchaniec on

    So in the tradition of a dramatic Fresh Prince, there will now be a horror version of Parks and Recreation by Jordan Peel called Nope????

  7. Are they going with Kirsty as Pinhead? There's an interesting storyline in the comics where Kirsty becomes Pinhead, and I'd love to see that. Even if they don't use Kirsty (I can see people getting cranky over it), there's some wonderfully beautiful design ideas built in there. I'm hopeful for it. I hate getting my hopes up for anything, but this is one I'm looking forward to. And the Evil Dead, Black Phone, and Wolf Creek entries too. Ethan Hawke is always reliable.

  8. Wolf Creek 3 – Oh great, another film where they make the sick fuck into the hero of the story. I watched the first Wolf Creek and I REALLY wanted to see one of his victims gut him like a fish. I don't root for the psychos in films, I root for their victims to turn tables and make the psychos suffer.

    Hellraiser – Probably another shameless cash-in.

    Prey – It can't be any worse than The Predator. That movie was garbage.

  9. I've seen The Black phone, not a bad flick with great twists and kind of a strange ending!
    Note to self: Stop hacking into movie sites! 😇

  10. isint hellraiser going to be a tv series? i dont know wether its something to get excited about but a the thing remake is coming in 2022 aswell. I dont think ppl are excited about a jordan peele anymore many thinks hes lost his touch with lovecraft country disappointing everyone and what he did to candyman.

  11. Fun fact pinhead actually does not exist in the book. He is known only as the priest as well he is not more feminine nor more masculine he has no gender.

  12. how exactly is switching the sex of pinhead stop people from comparing them to the original actor? what a dumb thing to say.

  13. It doesn’t have an American release date yet outside of just saying TBA 2022, but I’m highly looking forward to the Japanese remake of Cube. It came out back in October in Japan and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Cube is one of my top ten favorite horror films so I’m super stoked about this one.

  14. I hope Jordan Peele doesn't suffer the same fate as a lot of famous directors like George Lucas and Shyamalan, where he keeps making great movies but then gets complacent and surrounds himself with yes men and starts making shit.

  15. I will forever be torn about the Evil Dead reboots.
    Legend has it that, the 2013 movie was what Sam Raimi always wanted to do, but couldnt' because of bugetary reasons.
    However, and i dont think this is a controversial take, the fact he didin't have the money to make that movie and did the first Evil Dead the way it is, only worked in the franchises favour, because it made it completely different from everything else from that time. And when you look into reviews and articles about the 2013 movie and compare them to Ash vs The Evil Dead, you can see what the fans actually want and expect from the franchise.
    So to me it will always be weird to see these new versions taking themselves so goddamm seriously, when that is not why someone would want to watch a Evil Dead movie;

  16. BelleDreamer7 on

    Fun fact: In the comics Pinhead is replaced by Kirsty. He is gone and she becomes the Priestess of Hell. I am HOPING that this is not just a low level gender swap and is instead an ignorant person trying to hide this. But my expectations are low. If they are just making a female Pinhead to make a female Cenobite leader, I am not impressed, there are many powerful female Cenobites who have led groups in cannon.

  17. Michael Palma on

    Out of all these good looking horror movie releases of 2022 I’m most excited for the “Terrifier 2”

  18. Jillian Pantano on

    I'm excited about "prey". Predators/alien have always been my favorite!!!
    And isn't Brandon cronenburg David's son??

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