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  1. "The Crazies" had been fun to watch; great atmosphere and I always loved the cold suspense of "The Hitcher". "Deep Rising" is a great monster movie and I also enjoyed most films of this list. But "Resident Evil Apocalypse"? Seriously? That films sucks! It sucked back then and even more now.

  2. Michael Chiarcos on

    Vampires was the worst possible adaptation of John Steakley's book. I'm not just saying that because I liked the book and books are hard to portray in movies. They took the name of the movie, the names of some of the characters and half the plot and made this pile of drek.
    The character of Jack Crow was written to be played by someone like Clancy Brown and we get James Wood? That's like writing the life story of Yao Ming and casting Peter Dinklage.
    Here's a surprise the director apparently never picked up on in the book…..Jack Crow ISN'T the hero of the story.
    BTW, the 'magic cross' they are tasked with locating…..not part of the book. Made up for the movie.
    If there had been a total of 11 screw-ups in this movie (I stopped counting at 7), I would have believed it was directed by David Lynch. (That's a Dune plug btw)
    As it is…I suspect John Carpenter pretends this movie was never made. It probably helps him sleep better at night.

  3. Resident Evil Annihilation wasn’t promoted poorly its main flaw was Mike Epps. Mike Epps is terrible in everything he does, he shouldn’t be able to do anything other than cereal commercials and even that may be too far outside of his realm. Everything I’ve seen him in he’s absolutely ruined with his so called comedic relief. It’s cringeworthy , 0 dimensional, pitifully put , putz worthy , ball juggling ,dancing hamster , Shlock. Gallagher could have added more to the film than Mike Epps. His stand up is horrible too, terminal Cancer is funnier than Mike Epps.

  4. Hear me out … What if RE2 follows the storyline of the RE: Nemisis game? Because in the game raccoon city is going thru the outbreak & that’s basically replicated in the movie except for the obviously artistic liberties.

    I’d say RE2 is the closest thing to “game accurate”

  5. wcharliewilson on

    As siding with other commenters, Predators is not a remake and the planet is NOT their home-world, but a game reserve that the Predators use for honing their skill-set…

  6. riley parker on

    you don't go into the marketing or promotion for most of these films. once again a misleading title for one of your videos. i understand you make a s**t ton of videos, but entries like this make me want to unfollow and block the channel. i clicked on the thumbnail to learn about the marketing mistakes of these movies, and instead got a plot synopsis and encouragement to watch them. don't be dishonest about what you're pushing if you want viewers coming back

  7. The Resident Evil movies are just a mess, and after pt. 2, it went Rogue, off-road, into a completely different story that didn't even sync up with the games

    Mind you, movies based on games barely make a second attempt before giving up
    This went on for 6, mindlessly clumsy installments

    I fucking LOVE the games
    I have nothing but sarcastic criticism for the movies

  8. none of this are horror movies, they might be scary for kids but who would be scared by anything in them

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