1. As a person who lives lives in a country that dishwashers basically don't exist, (the Philippines) this video kinda bugs me.. I mean it's funny, but it seems like he's not even considering that people might not have dishwashers

  2. 8th: there's always water on the ledge of the sink u don't see so if you lean up against it for whatever reason ur shirt gets soaked in a matter of milliseconds.

  3. he's a game developer w bach of anthro and archaeology which is where anderson taylor hung got the idea from to get into a diff field after working on skills outside of his education to work in tech he works in twitter and has been hacking my account and sending me death threats and threat to sue for using my own website bc he thinks i'ts his company along w his boss bc he has low iq AND smal pp accomplice to abdction confirmed shoot on sight along w his gf all philipinos from utsc from 2011 and trisha de la cruz and jeremy au yeung confirmed kkk afffiliates and fakecops

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