1. If your using steroids your grinds don’t count even if you did hundreds of hours of work none of it is you you cannot take the credit for the muscle you got

  2. Alex Jenkinson on

    He says at the start it just speeds the process up, bruh no way it takes u to the next level natural people couldn't ever obtaim

  3. You know what Puberty does to boys?
    – denser bones
    – more muscle mass
    – less Fatty tissue
    – deeper voice
    So YES , PED's will infact make you bigger with ZERO lifting.

  4. 0:50
    Ayooo my sister uses those😭😭😭 I actually workout and she sits on her ass all the time thinking why she doesn't have abs,even tho she uses it😭

  5. Spencer _747 on

    At the end of the day, drugs are drugs and it Is a very slippery slope once you pass the gateway onto that path of addiction – a 15 yr old

  6. Bandit ImaClubYou on

    15 year old knows better than all of us now down to the new messiah our fate is sealed offer your body unto thee or be cast off into the fiery lakes of hell

  7. I think steroids for men is like plastic surgery for women. It's completely stuffed up either way. Let us all look like humans

  8. Brink of Art on

    The guy-equivalent to photoshopped models are anime protagonists. Let's be real, who didn't start to hit the gym to look like Baki or Joestar. ^^

  9. Steve Cheney on

    >"I'm clearly not the average minded 15 year old"
    >*wants to have huge muscles without putting much work in*

  10. The problem is that many young men think the gym is an alternative to therapy. You can see that on gymtok a lot.

  11. Paul Ibrahim on

    Felix character development was not something I anticipated, God bless you sir. You have a really good opportunity to help mitigate the psychological damage being inflicted on minors today.

  12. I'm a recovering alcoholic and what it sounds like the 15 year old is doing is defending his addiction, by saying things like everyone who's concerned is a hater. I used to tell myself that I was funnier when drunk, which is quite common amongst alcoholics and addicts alike. Addiction doesn't care about age and will distort your thoughts regardless, while making you think they're your thoughts.

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