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  1. José Pestana on

    Prince of Darkness. The whole "future transmission" dreams and its fakeout wake-up at the end into another horrifying dream. I get chills just thinking about it ^^

  2. A. Morgan Crew on

    I appreciate the inclusion of The Fly dream sequence, but you left out the fact that the delivery doctor was played by David Cronenburg himself. I’d forgotten it was him until I recognized him in the clip, but there is no mistaking it is him.

  3. I cannot for the life of me recall the name of the film, but it was about a couple moving into a new house, and the husband was an author. In one scene, the wife is taking a nap, and in the dream, she's still laying on the bed, but she is attached to a freaky lady on the ceiling, via an umbilical cord. Wasn't violent or gory, but just…..ew.

  4. I get that One Hour Photo was a thriller, but damn that dream sequence still scares today. That whole movie gets under your skin and Robin Williams did such SUPERB job.

    But you can’t make a list like this without the Carrie dream sequence. I know it’s coming every time and still jump

  5. Jewel Wildmoon on

    Man that made me remember a sort of creepypasta-like dream I had xd
    Considered writing it as one but wasn't sure if it sounded stupid or too unrealistic. It was definitely horrifying to experience in person though

  6. Brittany Becker on

    "What is it with horror movies and dreaming of babies?"

    * Looks at the real life clusterfuck that is the world's obsession with rigidly brutal gender roles that turn half the planet's people into disposable incubators and the complete lack of fux given to ob/gyn and sexual health * Gee, I wonder…?

    No seriously I had to threaten a doctor I was gonna DIY my own sterilization "with a sharp kitchen knife and a copy of Grey's Anatomy!' before getting on the wait list to have my tubes tied. Btw, the hubby got his vas book the day he asked.

  7. Antique Macabre on

    "The Fly" is an absolute classic. I saw "Pet Sematary" at the drive-in, and Zelda scared me so badly that I missed parts of the movie because I kept hiding my face thinking she was going to make another appearance. 😂

  8. There was a horror movie from the eighties that i can't recall the name or premise. All i remember was that, as the four characters drove out of the house in a pickup truck, the couple in the front are relieved as the man plays with his girlfriends hair. As he plays with it, it gets pulled from her scalp with blood and tissue oozing from her hair. She smiles at the man while he screams in horror. Meanwhile the couple in the back of the truck look at each other, the guy in the back looks to her and says, "it must be a dream" when a ghoulish figure appears and says, " no its not". Scream and confusion comes as it ends to credits.

  9. there was one dream sequence where eerie music plays as a shaky scene of a girl standing still and after the dream sequence ends there is a guy sleeping next to a corpse

  10. PrincessOfPlunder on

    Dear God. I grew up watching horror movies with my mom, one consequence of that being that I've had monster-pregnancy/birth nightmares since I was like 8 years old. Lmfao, the idea has always been terrifying to me. I'm sure I'll have a rough time with nightmares if I'm ever actually pregnant.

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