1. I love killer klowns from outer space! I thinks its horribly underrated and I love tim burton's pennywise no doubt but I'm happy too that art got number 1 so underrated and not giving the credit it deserves another great list!

  2. Hey if anyone wants to check out theevilolive website they have a bunch of horror movie shirts/t-shirts and they’re pretty good quality. Got some funny mugshots and actual mug, mug shots

  3. One that I never see get mention is "he" from the silent film "he who gets slapped", played by the legendary Lon Cheney.

    The film isn't horror, but much like the man who laughs he's super eerie looking, and unleashes a wicked display of malice and violence toward the end, feeding 2 men to a bloodthirsty lion, the set pictures from the film alone are deeply unsettling

  4. Tbh: some of these that I haven't seen …… yet, now I do
    Others, however, I'm not sure I can stomach, sorry folks
    but a few of these sound nauseating to me, in more ways
    than one.
    For the record, I've seen Drive-Thru: overdone language and
    violence, but still good.
    Both versions of IT: enjoyed both 2 parters for their own merits
    Killer Klowns has been a favorite since my early teens, but got
    a little burned out on it w/out meaning to I guess. TBC ……….

  5. Michael Palma on

    This YouTube channel is officially the greatest channel on YouTube! If Art didn’t make it at #1 I was going to burn down YouTube lol. I can’t wait for Terrifier 2 this year

  6. 6:40 instead of that trash 31 flick I think rob zombie shoulda made a movie kinda like silent night deadly night about the kid Spaulding scares, but instead of Santa he becomes a clown somehow and loses his mind brutally murdering ppl along the way(of course).

  7. Zombies 2 Films? house of 1000 corpses – devils rejects and 3 from hell
    not a movie clown but twisty from ahs s4 was damn awesome

  8. William Summerson on

    My favorites
    1. Pennywise. It 2017. I know it's an overrated opinion, but it is the goat.
    2. Art. Terrifier. Art is terrifying but the movie is not very good.
    Great job on the video Ash. 😎

  9. Terri MacKay on

    I've always been terrified of clowns, ever since I was taken to the circus as a child, and one got right in my face. Apparently it was supposed to be funny, but I just about peed myself in fear. 😳
    The 3 movie clowns that really messed me up are Captain Spaulding, Stitches, and Art…they amped up my clown phobia to 11.

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