1. I'm going to watch the films I haven't seen because I love the ones you included.
    Prowler is like my blood valentine. If you know horror, you know the prowler.
    But Sleepaway Camp 2 IS sheer genius.
    Love it love it love it!!!!

  2. andrew j mcquinn on

    Valentine is poorly acted which is surprising considering the cast, but I do like it which is why I own a copy.

  3. I got to say that Valentine was the sort of horror movie you might sympathize more with the masked killer than the victims. Something else, isn't the title "A Clown at Midnight" a take on a saying by Ray Bradbury. I believe it goes like this "A clown is funny in a circus but not at your front door in the moonlight." It might have been Steven King.

  4. alisdair mckenzie on

    Butcher a great movie thanks to Tyrell. Accidentally ended up on the nonsensical Nasties list due to it's similar sounding title to another movie. Apart from a few slasher-style killings with weird freeze frames near the end, this isn't a horror movie at all. But definitely worth watching.

  5. “Curtains” was a hidden gem that never got the exposure it deserved. I watched it very young and it disturbed me so bad with that infamous skating scene. That slo-mo skating killer in that hideous mask, wielding a scythe with the music playing gave me nightmares for weeks. It’s a classic where you figure out who the killer is pretty early ( even as a little girl) but still a good watch😱

  6. You guys HAVE to stop giving away the endings of movies you say we should watch. You literally show The Prowler without his mask on, completely ruining the "whodunit" angle of the movie completely

  7. Wolfstar Gaming on

    Hellbent is another one that's kind of flown under the radar, it has some interesting sequences, good cinematography and some pretty good (albeit mildly campy) acting. Plus the final 'girl' being swapped for a final 'guy' in the trope is a good change.

  8. “Hello Mary Lou:Prom Night 2” I wouldn’t really call a slasher, it’s more of a supernatural teen horror movie. It is a fun watch though, and it had one of the best full frontal nude scenes in 80’s horror.

  9. “Two great sequels”. Well.. 😂 Cold Prey 2 is good, 3 not so much. Cool seeing a movie from my country at number one! 😊

  10. I'm kinda surprised that there aren't more Valentine's Day-themed slasher films. As far as I know, there's only been My Bloody Valentine, its remake, and Valentine. With the holiday's emphasis on love and romance, it seems tailor-made for more slasher films to explore the darker aspects of the date like heartbreak, vengeful exes, and psychotic infatuation with lots of gnarly kills and buckets o' blood.

  11. Horror And Metal Maestro RedRusty66 on

    Butcher Baker is phenomenal, and all 3 Cold Prey movies are stunningly awesome. Valentine is amazing as well.

  12. I watched valentine in theaters when it first came out and loved it. I'm happy to hear someone else talk about it.

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