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Space Horror Movies,Jason X,Dracula 3000,Leprechaun 4: In Space,Critters 4,Hellraiser – Bloodlines,Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla,The Last Days on Mars,John Carpenter’s Ghost of Mars,Doom,Lifeforce




  1. Anthony Monaghan on

    Huh well that was a shot from left field and as a Godzilla fan Space Godzilla was a welcome addition to a list of favorites.. Critters, Hellraiser, Leprechaun.

    Last days on Mars is the only one i have not seen or heard of and why was there no mention of PATRICK STEWART in the cast of Lifeforce?

  2. Stoner Guitarist on

    Hey I want to make a scary movie with no violant in there no killing no guns knife anything just like crazy view of a skits like but be psychological thriller

  3. some of you know horror B class with girl whit razor hands she was killing serial killers ALEXA ? or some shit like that i was looking for this movie a long time

  4. Mike Hardison on

    Most of them I haven't seen. But after the first Friday the 13th we walked out of theater and found out there's going to be 13 of them we were really excited excitement died on the 2nd or 3rd movie probably the 3D one which was the third movie. Along with hellraiser the second movie sucked butt and stopped watching it my opinion is they get these movies people like it just to know so that they can run it into the ground nobody's got any creativity left in Hollywood I believe remember this is just my opinion thanks for reading bye

  5. I absolutely HATED the Doom movie. I grew up playing the Doom games.If you are going to make a movie based on a game. STICK WITH THE SOURCE MATERIAL!!!

  6. When James A Janisse of Dead Meat considers Jason X his 3rd favorite Friday The 13th movie, you know a movie once considered the worst in the franchise has aged better than you think

  7. Randy Donaghy on

    I enjoy most of your videos. The ones with this annoying girl not so much. She sounds like an out-of-touch spoiled millennial talking down to people. Time to 187 this douchebags career. Especially the Hellraiser at Jason X references. Those movies were anything but cheesy. Franchises often do leave the horror behind because it wouldn't do much good when you've grown snow the characters. But again this woman's voice makes me want Pinhead to come and shove blades in my ears

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