1. Unownshipper on

    These are all fine choices, but everyone should go see The Changeling (1980).
    Talk about doing a lot with a little, this brilliant, gothically minimalist slow-burn film is just fantastic. And yet no one talks about it!

  2. Cameron Greinke on

    Glad The Invisible Man became a stand alone movie and without Depp. It is an amazing movie and focuses more on Elizabeth Moss' character rather than Depp's if he was the titular character. Also a great social commentary on domestic violence.

  3. dumahdrummer on

    I still to this day get confused when creep ends up on a list because I saw a movie a few years ago that was also called creep which was based in the London underground tube station, basic premise is a woman falls asleep waiting for her tube train and misses it, she ends up being stalked by the deformed person all night.

  4. Official Bruce Wayne on

    Paranormal activity is as boring and not scary as Blair witch project and don't understand how people can find snoozefests scary at all

  5. Robgfellows on

    I found the Ritual a good alow burn. The slow reveal of the monster in bits and pieces was so well done

  6. Trey Bishop on

    I recently watched House of the Devil for the first time, and I thought it was friggin' great. Seriously, excellent horror film

  7. Double Commenter on

    Birdbox as an honorable mention. Despite its quality, the choice to not show the creatures enhances the experience for the characters AND the audience.

  8. Julie Peters on

    the Darkest Hour, you don't get to see the actual alien until almost the end of the movie, pretty cool because the alien wasn't really scary after you see what it actually looks like. so, it's also a slow burn that builds up to near the end when you finally see the alien and what they were running away from throughout the movie.

  9. Robert Logan on

    Uhm… giger didn't design the nostromo. Iirc, the concept art it was based on was primarily produced by ron cobb and mobius

  10. sorta spoilers for the lodge if you haven’t seen it:

    the lodge was INFURIATING like oh you know this lady survived a cult that all killed them selves and has massive religious trauma but you’re going to purposefully make her think she’s going crazy and then get upset and try and be like “it was a joke?” when she does???? nah those kids SUCK and deserved it imo

  11. Edgar Nickols on

    Sorry but the Blair Witch sucked, it's cool that it didn't show much but it literally showed nothing lol

  12. The problem with the Invisible Man is that we're supposed to believe that a guy with the genius and wealth to build an invisible man suit is willing to throw it all away on an extremely plain, boring and unattractive woman… Howard Hughes, for instance, had his pick of Hollywood starlets. This movie is absolutely a product of the #metoo era. As a guy watching it, it's utterly laughable. I understand what it's trying to say, but what it's actually saying is bullshit. If Meghan Fox had been the protagonist, then it would have worked. But they purposefully didn't do that.

  13. Did u just call alien a slasher film?😂 wtf? Man U guys are hilarious on this channel and u don’t even mean to be

  14. I hate the Blair Witch Project. I honestly do not understand how people watch it and feel any tension or fear. I find it impossibly boring.

  15. Owen Shebbeare on

    The Blair Witch Project definitely wasn't groundbreaking as Found Footage was hardly new. It benefited from being among the first of its kind in the internet era, and was well marketed, but it was new only to GenX geeks in the same way The Matrix was hyped a year or two later, it was also not original in its presentation.

  16. Chad Stallings on

    Lake Mungo was a disappointment. It built up to an unsatisfying payoff and really tie all the elements together.

  17. CREEP and CREEP 2 are EASILY some of my all time faves!!!! So clearly i like slowburn horror. As most of the items on this list, i love

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