1. Teagen the Tiefling on

    Francis desperately wanted to be normal. He thought he might be able to escape the torment of his own mind through loving Reba. Bates' mind was so compartmentalized he spoke as if mother was a separate person later on ("Mother, blood!") so I assume that's why he thought he could get away with it. Maybe he felt mother wasn't home at the moment, as it were. I feel like a lot of these have in universe explanations.

  2. 6:46 ok, I'm gonna do my best to be respectful when I say this. that's not a bad interpretation of blair witch's story, it honestly makes sense. but I heard another which provides some more conclusive answers to the ambiguity and a plausible explanation. matpat over on film theory explained that mike and josh were the true villains, as they had taken heather out to the woods solely with the intention of murdering her and by the films end, succeeding. admittedly, some of the details are kind of buried or can easily be misinterpreted, so I get how you could miss it. still though, I hope this helps. also, to borrow from jules for a second, don't let the comments get you down, ellie. you do good work and deserve to live a happy life, no matter what anyone says.

  3. wait wasnt the reason Hanny the canny didnt eat Clarice is cause he either admired her or he thought she might end up becoming a canny too eventually? xxx

  4. I wouldn’t consider mayor Vaughn a villain. I’d consider him a normal political figure, making money, spinning bad news, plausible deniability. So I think he was following the usual steps of a small town mayor. Make money, and I consider Freddy v Jason a nightmare movie, not a Friday movie, since the movie is about Freddy and he gets top billing. So I don’t think the “fear of water” rule is established enough to be broken. It’s a useful plot point in a Freddy Krueger movie. Not a Jason Voorhees movie.

  5. Ronan Cormack on

    Jason being scared of water while at the same time using the water against others in his movies could be explained as like Batman… Bruce Wayne had a fear of Bats.. but ultimately became the Bat…. Just like Jason Voorhees became the Serial Killer CRYSTAL LAKE even though he drowned there

  6. Government officials' number 1 rule is to look out for our welfare and keep us safe?!? All they do is torment and control people.

  7. Regarding Hannibal not killing Clarice the film bottled the ending from the book which explains that Hannibal and Clarice end up together. Hannibal always respected Clarice too much as well as enjoying toying with her. He was never going to kill her.

  8. In Hannibal, Lector got some crazy romantic feelings for Clarice. In the movie she doesn’t accept them however in the book they become lovers and he turns her into a cannibal like himself. Yeah needed to watch some happy cartoons after reading that

  9. In the ending of Silence of the Lambs, Clarice says that she knows Lecter won't pursue, as he would consider that rude. Not a clear explanation, but it did make it clear that he wouldn't have killed in Hannibal, or that would breaking his previous rule about her.

  10. Aaron from BroTrio on

    Umm … Mayor Vaughn was still the mayor in Jaws 2! I'm not sure if he was re-elected or just kept his job, but he definitely was still the mayor.

  11. Comic Book Movie Truth on

    Y'all are wrong, Jason is not afraid of water, that is the biggest issue with Freddy vs. Jason …

  12. He didn’t pick up the girls from a shopping trip.. it was one their birthday parties and Casey was the weird girl they didn’t want to invite..

  13. Why do you morons persistently mispronounce character names? Have you even seen any of the films you refer to? Gizmo etc in Gremlins are pronounced “Mog-why” not “Mow-gwy”. They only say the name like 100 times in the feckin film. You’re a bit dumb really aren’t you?

  14. i think freddy didn`t activate the fear of water but the fear jason had while drowning so not really a plothole^^

  15. Spoiler
    Someday Hannibal Lecter will see that tea cup repair itself and then he will kill Clarice to make room for his sister to enter the world. Clarice is constantly distracting him with travel and sex in order to keep that from happening. Read the rest of the book, Hannibal. By the way, Jodie Foster wrote that chapter.

  16. Shannon Perkins on

    I actually forgot about Ray fines in red dragon looks like he has played more than one bad guy lol lord voldermort …….

  17. Justine Bidulopoutchini on

    In split, it’s normal that Hedwig doesn’t do everything Dennis is saying. He’s not Dennis, so why would his rules be so important for him?

  18. My guess is that since the Gremlins are magical creatures, and the rules governing magical species can be rather absolute, it has to be properly liquid water to trigger the reproduction. That's why snow does nothing, while jumping into a pool… Also why being splashed with booze does nothing. Has to be pure water. Water is the rule.

  19. most of these aren't even a character breaking their rule, and the others have reasons. Jason being afraid of water was never a thing before that so it's not a rule it's a retcon and even than some argument could be made as a difference between when he's chasing people vs in his own nightmare.
    Hannibal doesn't hurt clarice because he's obsessed with her and he has a logic behind everyone he kills, thse who are disrespectful, insult the fine arts ect. And the gremlins don't increase in the snow because a cut scene revealed that below a certain temperature it stopped having that effect, something that was brought up on this very channel.

  20. So I think #1 is a stupid choice considering it's not the same "character" breaking the rule, and apparently whoever wrote this doesn't know much about the movie – The Thing could not replicate inorganic material (which is why they first started checking in their mouths to see if people were missing fillings or not) and Carter didn't have the earring at all, he simply grabbed at the wrong ear which was all Kate needed to confirm her suspicions.

    Also, mentioning Hannibal breaking his own rule, they don't know the character well enough to realize he was actually "following" it, but I've seen a few other comments discussing that as well.

    I do appreciate this channel for introducing me to some movies I would never have heard of otherwise, but damn the lack of research into the movies they're discussing does tend to take away from the overall content IMO.

  21. Hi there. Big Gremlins fan. The rules are not based in science – they’re based in the supernatural. It’s about responsibility. Think of it more as a magic test for the humans who care for the Mogwai. You can debunk all the rules with science. The moon reflects sunlight, it’s always after midnight to some extent, there is water in the air. The rules are magic and symbolic.

  22. OneMustStand on

    You idiots. How is Jason's "rule" a rule to begin with when it was drummed up in the movie that was created waaaaaay after his obvious no fear of water from past movies? That means he's breaking his rule that he just created. That's completely insane and stupid.

  23. Curtis Williams on

    The only reason why Clarisse living doesn’t make sense in the movie “Hannibal” is because in the novel she becomes Hannibal Lecter’s lover and also a vicious killer. they changed it for the movie because they thought it would put people off. Which I thought was so stupid.

  24. Jesse Schoedel on

    Calux cheats in Truth or Dare 2018. He's supposed to kill anyone who breaks the rules of Truth or Dare, while those who follow the rules get to live. But in order to stop the players from sealing him away, he murders a player who didn't break the rules.

  25. nick strickland on

    Your gremlin argument doesn't hold water… Essentially you are saying, we should be able to breathe liquid oxygen because humans breathe oxygen. But states matter and frozen water, lay be water but it's frozen, if the gremlins are not hot blooded creatures, snow might not melt on them.

    Tldr, snow is not water. it's FROZEN water.

  26. Lol I've seen psycho a million times and just noticed that Maryann's (don't know how to spell it and too lazy to check) eyes shift slightly when she's playing dead. I nitpick that I'm glad I noticed for no reason lol. She was playing dead soooo well

  27. Norman Bates didn't really have any rules per se. The psychologist at the end of the film explained this: in order to erase the guilt from his mind after killing his mother, he did adopt a Mother persona, but since Norman was obsessed with his mother while she was alive, he believed she was in turn that obsessed with him. Thus, any girl Norman found attractive would be killed by Mother when she took over. Marian wasn't the only one killed by Bates, she was his third victim. Norman invited two other girls to stay before Marian that were killed as well. If you'd watched the parlor scene at the end with the psychologist, you'd know that.

  28. Gremlins: This isn't an overlook, it's actually a throwback to how strange some of the rules are for mystical creatures. For example, Fey in olden times would have issues with cold iron. However, Cold Iron could be iron ore that hasn't been worked or anything iron. Due to mystical shinanigans, snow and ice don't count, since they aren't specifically rules, but a loop hole. Given they're drinking beer, which is mostly water, without multiplier, that's my guess.

    Hannibal: Given the source book, Hannibal has romantic feelings for Clarice Starling. While thankfully they didn't have the feelings returned, it's still implied Hannibal does have feelings for Clarice, despite being a sociopathic murderer. He also didn't kill Mason because he assumed he would taste awful, and actually took pleasure out of Mason's suffering. We do see Hannibal doesn't kill everyone, as Hannibal never harmed Barney Matthews (in fact even sending him a tip and thank you card to him), despite having chances to do so.

    Psycho: Yeah, this was just a mistake. At the end of the day, he just wanted companionship, which gets further explained in the later Psycho films.

    Friday the 13th: Jason normally does have fear of the water. The difference being that he's able to ignore it when his mother is spurning him on, at which point he ignores all fear and does his dirty work. This one is a bit of a theory, and is based on the video game. While we never get the inside of Jason's mind, we know he 'awakens' when people attempt to repopulate crystal lake. In the video game, when you take control of Jason, we hear his mother routinely speak to him and urge him on to do his grim task. So my guess is, as long as he has his mother lashing him, water doesn't bother him. But without the influence (Freddy imitated his mother, but quickly dropped the act once Jason started to murder the elm street residents) in favor of starting his own fear campaign.

    Red Dragon: Same with Psycho. Human beings are social animals, and despite the voices in his head he still did want companionship.

    Blair Witch: Honestly, it's a common horror movie trope that the survivors in these are frankly dumb as a box of rocks. There's even a commercial making fun of it. "We're being chased! Do we run go the car to escape! Or the haunted corn field over there on an indian burial ground! Or that tool shed full of bloody tools!" "The tool shed!" Insert very confused killer just looking down at the teens in abject 'are you serious?'

    Split: Hedwig is a 9 year old. 9 Year Olds are not the brightest bulbs on the christmas tee. He was just showing her 'this awesome thing I have!' and obviously the prisoner attempted to take advantage of it.

    Lighthouse: Thomas Wake has gone a bit insane by the time of the movie. They drink heavily early on, as there is really nothing to do on the island. This is a case of extreme isolationism, compounded with drinking turpentine which worsens the effects. Wake is definately an entitled prick giving his second the lion share of the work, but at this point he's been there with on and off companionship for years.

    Jaws: In the original concept, the Mayor was massively in debt with the Mafia and needed the money to pay off the debt. This got scrapped in the final cut, but it makes a lot more sense that the mayor keeps the beaches open for fear for his life and his family, versus "We need money." Granted, the aspect of the town going bankrupt due to lack of a summer season is also somewhat valid, although my guess is it would just be a very lean year.

    The Thing (2012): Like many things about this movie, this was just… incredibly stupid part on the movie. While Carter's actions do coincide with later versions who will use deception to maintain their cover, this is usually only until they're discovered or they have a chance to isolate a survivor. It's generally assumed Carter was infected when they were on the ship. Given at the point where they meet up Carter was armed and Kate was not, and there was basically no where to run, it made no sense why Carter didn't simply thing out on the way to the snowkat and infect her. He literally disarms himself, puts a weapon capable of killing him in the back, and just kinda chills until he gets wrecked. There is speculation that Carter might have been a mutant thing and actually posed no threat to Kate, but i'm… guessing?… he intended to just follow her and infect another population. But again, this movie was awful, so take this theory with a grain of salt.

  29. Ryan Hubbard on

    Freddy owns the dream world and as an unwritten rule (imo) amplifies his victims fears, what normally wouldn't stop Jason now has him brought back to the day he drowned

  30. In Heather's journals, she tells how they found some trinket from the "burial ground". This trinket isnt ever shown in movie, but Joshua yells in the movie to Heather, implying Heather shouldnt have taken the trinket.
    This has been implied to be the catalyst for groups troubles in Blair witch project. And Blair witch dossier pretty much confirms that there was something supernatural in the movie.

  31. LifeInPink999 on

    Some of these are basically not your unidirectional personage but actual complex human being and that's why they stand out form other airhead villain. Hannibal, kill and eat only those who unpleasant people, he never takes a life on an innocent unless he has to for his own sake. He didn't kill Mason because he belived that he deserved that punishment and while he eats those who he belives this world will be more betaiful without eating Mason would be disgusting even for him. He doesn't kill Clarice because he feels attraction towards her and unless in the book the become lovers and run away together, it seems that having her by his side finally gave him some peace.

    Same with the villain from Red Dragon, he is a complex character not your mutant canibal from the ''wrong turn'' or ''Hills have eyes'' with no complex back story, or present inner conflicts, that is just there for brainless killings for what I call a bad horror movie for days one feels lazy for something with plot.

    All the villains with personality disorders like in ''Split'' can't control their personalities it's quite obvious and it bothers me that someone just decided that they ''broke their own rules'' or the film director was lazy, because they couldn't bother to understand the personage.
    Making a person with multiple personality disorder, the main reason he is doing all these horrible things, be able to control all their personalities at will would have been breaking the rules and an extremely lazy and unwatchable movie that doesn't make sense.

  32. The Gremlins, by your rationale, should reproduce just with contact with the air since it has so much water vapor in it. That would’ve been pretty stupid. And Jason V. never had a fear of water. He didn’t even “die by water.” He died by sliding face first down a machete in part 4.

  33. Danielle Musella on

    I couldn't stand Mayor Vaughn. He only cared about the shark, when its presence touched him, personally: "My kids were on that beach, too." Also: "He won't be re-elected." Uhhh… "Jaws 2", anyone? (7/13/2022)

  34. Aaron Gatenby on

    The fact that included Jason's alleged fear of water, which was simply added to Freddy vs Jason as some bullshit plot point. There is zero evidence in the Friday franchise that Jason is scared is water, granted it may make sense given he "drowned" as a kid but it's never written that he had a phobia of water

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