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  1. Probably TheAmaziiingTim on

    When i saw your thumbnail i thought you were a clickbait who knows nothing, but when i watched your videos, i realized i was right

  2. Metaverse p2e might just go insane this year, on one end I'll be conscious of MMORPG by ICICB metaverse, it's quite promising

  3. BreederDao is one to have a look at mate! Especially as they are the nft factory of the metaverse. they will be supplying a variety of games with digital assets

  4. Nice video, another great game is NINEKO, already launched in January, available on most platforms, PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. Guaranteed earnings per day, you don't even need to play for basic income, just claim rewards daily and enjoy your life

  5. Why Time Raiders is not included in your list? Been hearing positive reviews about it, you should check it out man!

  6. روح الله حسنی on

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  7. Thanks for this video!
    I think you are missing Dracards..
    A card game on Cardano Blockchain, Pve, pvp, stake mode.. A lot of ways to earn, it's a huge project, i suggest everyone to read their whitepaper, people are sleeping on this!

  8. All the bots talking about chanpions ascencion lol it takes 1 ethereum to play the Damm game, he'll no! Thats pay to play period.

  9. Hey, Chain Gaming! Nice video. You mentioned about Big Time NFT which will be launching in December. It reminds me of Starlight NFT, something about space. Anyone of you who knows its launching date?

  10. I joined the champions ascension pre sale whitelist using your link. Thanks for sharing the info. Love your content.

  11. Nice video, I didn't know some of these games.
    One of the games that are on my top 5 list for this year is SPELLFIRE. It's a card game that was a huge success on the 90s and now it has become a blockchain game.
    The cards are being sold as nfts on opensea, the game token is already listed on some exchanges and it's going to be used to upgrade these cards.
    I'm really looking forward to the game launch!! Could you do a video about spellfire?

  12. Parham Rahmani on

    I know the game is not out et but I think the kardomance project looks promising and they have a really nice and active community. thanx for the video good job as always.

  13. Eli Ze Meleh on

    You are not annoying at all, your energy and love for this sphere are unfakeable. I hope that after the bear market is over this field will conquer the world 🙂

  14. Metacoin city project will presale in Unicrypt tonight 1 pm UTC. This project already done kyc and audit. If you miss chance to buy land in Mana, this chance you shouldnt miss again

  15. muthupandi renganathan on

    Metaverse nft gaming project in Solana ecosystem project is VIVAION(GTA type gaming 👀🥳)
    MMPORG gaming features.
    Alpha live soon beta live.
    Hurry up guy's 😉👍🏻

  16. Camille Gianne on

    Cool list. I wanted to recommend giving a review for Dreams Quest and this Metaverse platform might surprise you. They have an upcoming AMA this March 8, you may want to attend and ask questions about this interesting project.

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