1. That’s a bold statement, trying to claim that the best movie ever made was terrible. If Burt only came in at Tremors 5 it would be one thing but he was there since the original and the original Tremors is amazing

  2. tropicaltracer birdie on

    Even though I love these movies, there's quite a few from Aliens and Alien: Resurrection that are kick ass characters.

  3. William Summerson on

    I don't think scream 3 is the worst in the franchise, for me personally 2022 is the worst. Malignant was really good.

  4. Vitor de Oliveira on

    Seriously? Did they just spoiled the ending for Malignant?
    I've watched already (twice, actually) and is a really original movie, and given that WhatCulture usually complais about the lack of originality in movies… Seens like a shot in the foot.
    But still, if you wanted to include this in anyway, you could do it without spoiling the whole fun; we don't need to know the plot twist for you to comment on about him.

  5. Doom Head was awesome. I would love to have seen the actor portray the Joker or maybe a rival of the Joker in a future movie. That would be so damn cool.
    BTW, Malignant was very watchable. Not sure why you guys hated it so much. Especially considering some of the B schlock you seem to love.

  6. Caught me off guard w/ Bert!! Tremors is one of my favorite series just because of Bert. It's so wild watching him, he's so fun!

  7. Tony is Golden on

    I agree with gus gilbert in pet sematary 2. He was honestly the best part of that movie but I didn't think that movie was to bad. I think Clancy Brown did a great job as gus. Texas chainsaw: next generation wasn't to bad but wasn't good either but mathew is pretty decent as vilmer. I normally don't like mathew but I like him in a few thing's he's not bad in next generation, he is pretty good in interstellar and true detective season 1. I liked burt gummer in the tremor's movie's. I think gross does a great job as burt. Doom head is awesome and he's the only thing I really like in 31 besides the set pieces. I really like richard brake though I seen him in a few thing's and what I've seen him in I like him in but he's perfect for doom head. I just wish doom head was in 31 more because I would've liked to see more of him.

  8. I would have picked Martin Lomax for 'The Human Centipede II.' The movie itself kind of blew but Laurence R. Harvey absolutely owned that role.

  9. Brittany Becker on

    I regret not watching the big thunderstorm that blew over the lake instead of TCM 4. But I regret no watching the cat take a nap or paint dry over watching that movie.

  10. Balor Club 325 on

    I don’t think Scream 3 and Saw 5 were terrible movies. They were just weak installments in big franchises. If you see them as part of a bigger picture in an ongoing story, they’re actually somewhat decent

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